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Published: Thursday 1st of November 2007 10:51:59 PM


Ewan Shears

John Peri
Thank you Carlo ... studies take years and years, depending on what you want to do .. ha ha .. and even then it should continue .... incidentally, CME (continued Medical Education) is becoming compulsory now in Europe, as it already is in the US. It's reassuring in a sense.

Sweid Sideris
This classic composition is extraordinary, the body language, facial expression, the angle of the camera giving depth, lightning and tonal range are simply stunning. The voluptuous atmosphere reminds me those unforgettable 60`s italian movies. Another gem John. So, as far as I can see the angel is back, have she concluded her studies?

Tore Nilsson
Great skin tone and colour scheme in the whole picture, the model is great looking too. Light and composition works fine for me. Best regards Tore

Janusz Taras
Great work.Excellent composition and model pose.Regards.

Michael Meneklis
Warm colors of the earth surrounding two eyes of the sea. Bravo John perfect colors and composition.

John Peri
Thanks Tommy, I will look at the original .. I don't know, I can't really see it with this size of file on my monitor ... oversaturation possibly ?

John Peri
How nice to see this portrait so well received. It is largely due of course to the astonishing charm and grace of the subject. I hope I have brought just a fraction of it into evidence here.

Steve Lamplugh
Absolutely stunning!!! Perfect in every way!! 7/7

a c
this model has been missing from your collection for entirely too long... something about the way the "film" captures her has always had such a classic look to it. well done.

Mark Holdefehr
Very sensual John As usual Fantastic models and nice images Mark

David Towgood
Very nice, well composed and natural. Regards David.

Ian Verve
lovely John you have an eye for talent for sure ..... WONDERFUL

Alberto Quintal
Lovely! great work, John. Alberto

Xaime Villar
Fantastic images. Excellent composition.

Tommy Andresen
I absolutely agree with the others here =) Great communication with the model, natural and elegant pose and nice colours. When everything else is spot on, I have to be a little picky here :P There are some orange burnt out parts on her dress (to the right) which looks a bit odd. What is that really? Nice work =)

Kombizz Kashani
simply beautiful of this virgin feeling in the air!

John Peri
Portrait of a young lady ..

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