Coral Cove Sunrise 1

by Watson Richard

coral cove sunrise seeking critique watson richard

Gallery: Sunrise and Sunset

Tags: seeking critique

Category: Nature

Published: Wednesday 31st of October 2007 02:48:49 AM


Jeff Moody
beautiful shot, and impressive use of filters etc... Really a special place and perfect timing to take advantage of that great sky. Very nice

Glen Flower
It's a nice attractive sunrise but i think there is scope for improvement in the foreground as the sand isn't offering much. The jagged rocks look interesting and maybe not enough emphasis is made of the misty effect if that is to be a feature. Lower, closer to rocks, with foreground lines would be another option.

Will King
Looks like a beautiful scene. The exposure is well handled. The composition could be improved. It also has a washed out look to it. Boosting the contrast and perhaps color correcting could really improve this.

Michael Raddatz
looks better soft...........imo

Richard Watson
Atlantic Ocean Sunrise Time exposure, graduated neutral density filter used

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