Support From Above?

by Downs Jim

support from above mine andes iquique atacama church humberstone chil downs jim

Gallery: Latin America - Chile - Iquique, Arica & Putre (far north)

Tags: mine andes iquique atacama church humberstone chile seeking critique

Category: Travel

Published: Sunday 28th of October 2007 09:03:31 AM


Baerbel Kavanaugh
...or FOR Above? I also like the simplicity of this one, Jim, and the beautiful teal color. Nicely done. B :)

Jayme Hall - Bardstown, KY
I love the way the natural light is cutting across the image. Plain & simple but very colorful :)

Barbara Williams
Jim I like the composition and the hint of light coming through.

Jim Downs
Support From Above? Nominee for the most minimalist church ever built in a former Spanish possession.

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