Brave and proud

by Kwiatkowski Wojtek

brave and proud arabian horse nikon mm f af ed kwiatkowski wojtek


Tags: arabian horse brave proud nikon 80-200mm, f28 af ed nikon d200 seeking critique

Category: Nature

Published: Saturday 27th of October 2007 10:51:07 PM


Benjamin Rajak
Surreal.. What a stunning capture! 7/7

Linda Davidson
Such a powerful image. What a dynamic, spirited subject. Perfect.

João Pereira de Lacerda Filho
Wojtek I don't know if you need any comments,with this quality. The image can speak for itself. Best regards.

Steve Wadlan
Fantastic work, stunning shot! Regards Steve

Jan Reurink
Very good;Almost a Horse From Leonardo Da Vinci

Faleh Alshirsawy
nice and sharp....regards

Joe Iannandrea
There's a wonderful sense of demension to this.

Daniel Runge
So powerful! Amazing...

Mark Hanegraaff
I'm not crazy about the blurred out background but It's a very good picture. The action is on the spot.

Mujahid Awais
Excellent Nice Creation.

Mikel Arrizabalaga
Perfect. in your line. 7/7

Raif Tulga
HI imperessive...

hans molenkamp
Wojtek... The first time I react ( I believe?) and must say. Smashing. Wonderfull image and on the split second the right pose that adds the tension to it. My compliments. And to the gentleman who said something about a blurred out background. Take a better look, that's blown up dust and by the way... I don't like 'black-out' backgrounds.

hans molenkamp
I forgot... Despite the fact that I love the image, I'm still curious what would happen if you slow down a bit till, let say a 1/250? This is 1/1000 I asume? Then a little movement would make it even more exiting ( I think) Keep up the great shots.

Carole Hibbert
Truly superb!! We can only drool at your talent !!!!

PNF Photography
pure beauty and amazing dapples

Walter Strong
I checked out your portfolios, you ARE the master!!

Brian Denz
I love the surrealistic feeling of this capture.7\7 .awesome capture and beautiful composition.

Giorgio Marino
What to say more, about a perfect photo? Congratulations. Giorgio

Leonardo Villalobos

F A N T A S T I C   !!!

Don Bryant

Stunning! This animal has been transformed to a creature of the gods.

An instant classic!

Wojtek Kwiatkowski
... Comments greatly appreciated, thanks for your time :)

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