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Published: Friday 26th of October 2007 09:43:55 PM


John Peri
Ok Ok ... I'll admit it ... she doesn't smoke ... :-) .. haha Steve, it depends on how you intepret the title. Could also be taken as a message not to smoke! The before and after thing ... but I do admittedly use these props very often in my photos. The wine glass also occupies a model with other than the camera ... they can both also help to convey mood ..

Jim Phelps
John, I really like the color here. The slight red of the matches and the flower petal(??) really complement the blues. As usual, her facial expression draws the eye. My compliments to both of you!

Rina H
Good composition in wonderful colours John !

Howard Dion
Very enjoyable, thanks for sharing. Regards, Howard

Janusz Taras
Great work.Perfect color and light.Excellent composition.Regards John.Janusz.

nghj wgfvh
hey john, thanks for wasting your time looking at my pictures :) makes me kinda happy that you like some of them ;p yup, i do hang around on this mountain slopes...snowboarding..made me go to school a bit longer than i was ment to be there, i dont care..was the bets time of my life :) you shouldnt step on chairs, you know. statistically, most of all accidents happen at home. dont make us see no more pictures of you by doing acrobatic training at home !! so far :)

Thomas Collins
Wow, yet another great photo of a dashing and elegant young lady. Her expression is engaging and her poise sensuous. I love the added details of the flower petal and personal vice. Cheers to both of you!

Anca Cernoschi
lovely :)

Massimo Santoni
very delicate, sensual pose and expression. I like the cold colors.

John Peri
Many thanks to all, to the model that reads this too.

Steffen Drache
I like this picture so much - the colours, her expression, very fine work!!!

Alberto Quintal
Lovely and sexy, great work, John. Alberto

nghj wgfvh
nah, i wont join, even though its quite hard to resist..smoking kills hehe just kidding..i am a smoker...and hmm..i honestly dont know what i should say to this. i do like the natural colors and i thought the title was kind of funny :) pretty girl though..good image, at usual eidt...oh..it says "last smoke"...not lets smoke..i should wear my goggles metink xD

John Peri
Howard, Juha, thank you both. It's the model of course that brings the magic ...

Alon Eshel
Marvelous , Beautiful and sensual

Michael Meneklis
Excellent pose and composition my friend. The light and skin tones are superb.

Atanu Ghosh
very sensuous image...

Derek Smith
Style Interesting...you are obviously a popular photographer on this site but coldly analysing this pic I am confused. Technically it seems very soft - particularly the eyes and the underwear - skin tones are quite erratic and "blotchy" - maybe its cos I am a studio photographer and this is a bit too realistic for my taste. I love the mood and the lines. Hint of a nipple is great but think that the cigarettes are distracting and causing controversy for the sake of it. Obviously a beautiful model.

John Peri
Thank you Derek. Studio versus the opposite well, there will always be adherents to one or the other, and sometimes both. How right you are, evening was falling, light and contrast are indeed lacking, as is detail. I was probably more concerned here with capturing the mood and the charm, happily you noticed it though. The blotchiness, yes, I can see that too .. I wonder if the sunbathing is not as much responsible as the quality of the print. I did point it out to her a couple of times ..... :-) In general terms, the most interesting to me of what you say is the "controversy for the sake of it". Hmm, isn't that what communication is all about and, in the case of photography, drawing on the viewers' attention? Many thanks for passing by.

Kombizz Kashani
love her facial expression, her pose in your beautiful moody image

John Peri
Last smoke .. ..

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