Football !!!

by Funke Stephan

football helsinki seeking critique funke stephan

Gallery: Helsinki 1952

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Published: Friday 26th of October 2007 08:39:40 AM


ivana kusman
very good capture!!

Philippe Rapoport
I like this picture a lot. Gives me good mood!

Alexandre Guerra
This certainly has a wonderful classic street photograph feel. It does remind the work of some the great masters from those times.

Jack McRitchie
A wonderful moment in time.

sd adsada
Nice shot !

Stephan Funke
Football ! Taken back in 1952 with an then second hand bellow camera CERTO SPORT w. Rodenstock lens, the negative was now scanned and cleaned in Photoshop. Please try to find the time to surf through the complete folder of old pictures. Thank you for yor time and comments. S.

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