The Hietaniemi Cementary.

by Funke Stephan

the hietaniemi cementary seeking critique funke stephan

Gallery: Helsinki 1952

Tags: seeking critique

Category: Journalism

Published: Friday 26th of October 2007 07:31:48 AM


Nek Maniatis
As I come from Greece, this is a very unfamiliar picture, but I can tell not only that it is excellent and atmospheric, but it could be a picture of an old movie, just as well. Thank you for travelling me back in time, so beautifully!

Stephan Funke
Thank you! Thanks for your kind thoughts. To Franzisca: Yes,I did it with a 6 x 9 cm rollfilm bellow camera. Stephan Funke.

Eric Kaufman
Beautiful concept, beautiful composition, beautiful photograph. Excellent image!

Francisca Vugts
Very well done! Beautiful pic...tells a whole story in a seemingly plain image. Did you make it yourself in '52?

Bob Bielecki
Ditto the other positive comments.

Martin Kolar

Andrew Jackson
I agree-excellent and atmospheric and with more than a hint of the style at the time taken

Xaime Villar
Wonderful photo.

Stephan Funke
The return from a cementary visit. Scanned from a 55 years old b/w negative which suffered slightly from tropic climate after being stored in Bangkok since 12 years. Thank your or your interest.

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