Bald River Falls - Start of Autumn

by Szulecki Joshua

bald river falls start of autumn seeking critique szulecki joshua

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Published: Friday 26th of October 2007 02:54:22 AM


Joshua Szulecki
I would tend to agree that it was cropped a bit too much on the right side. The exposure on this one was unusually painful, it was very close to sunrise still, and there was no direct light. With a smaller waterfall, I would have been okay, but I think I needed to wait about five more minutes for the surroundings to brighten up to allow myself to be able to correctly expose the water and the rocks. The rocks are surprisingly dark in this particular location. The original is also up, uncropped and without the minor levels adjust (which I rarely do), at:

Daniel Ewert
I like the composition here but some of the white water is a bit too overexposed in places. That said, I know how difficult this exposure must have been.

Chris Autio
I really like your balance here of the falls... only a little too cropped on right side, but that's just a personal opinion. very lovely.

Scott Reeves
Nice to run into your work, Joshua. Chasing falls, what a blast!

Joshua Szulecki
Bald River Falls - Start of Autumn This is one of my favorite waterfalls in TN, located just off the Cherohala Skyway. I took during one of my fall foliage outings last falls, very early in the morning. At higher elevations the leaves had turned significantly, but down at the much lower elevation of Bald River Falls, the leaves were just starting to fall off. It was very cold that morning... Let me know what you think.

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