White Sands

by Reyzin Lev

white sands seeking critique reyzin lev

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Published: Thursday 25th of October 2007 04:01:52 PM


Tom Shutter
Aaaha Lonely Planet !! prestine that is. Good shot Kolusu

Yuri Elson
Great idea! Blue and black human figure contrasting with white sand, while blue part also in harmony with the sky make for a great photo! The pose suggests photographing (curious to see the photo that came out of that shoot :-)). Some other natural and/or intriguing pose could've been interesting as well... Parallel to dune line and diagonal position of the body in the left lower corner are obviously intentional and work well. The reason for fairly low technical marks is lack of sharpness (need better optics - but we know that, right?), and lack of detail on the sand (this one is very hard to overcome in high contrast scene - perhaps experimenting with UV, polarizer, or even denser filter would've helped - need to read-up on filters). Another technical problem - well visible vignetting in lower corners would be fixed with better optics (again!) or in this case with simple cropping. Talented photographer's eye is obvious, though.

Lev Reyzin
watching white sands meet clouds Comments appreciated - thanks.

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