by Peri John

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Gallery: Strange fantasies

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Published: Wednesday 24th of October 2007 06:39:38 AM


Jim Phelps
John, This is significantly closer to an abstract fine art nude than most of your recent work. Nice colors, nice contrast. I particularly like the green shadow, it seems to have a life of its own.

David de Orueta
No matter how much i look, I cant figure out if the green shadow is the actual shadow, or if it a copy of the silhouette of the model? I really like that the color of the skin is left quite normal. It adds so much to the overall impact.

John Peri
Photoshop ? I had other plans Tanya .... :-) Thanks for your comment and your generosity. I sometimes post things that I know people will not like or at the very least not be able to identify with. I like to group together my doodles so as to find them later. I guess PN helps me in this regard too. That being said, I do like to receive constructive criticism and have changed my style considerably since I first began to post here. What is a little vexing ocasionally is when people only really want to talk about themselves. Those are usually the harshest critics ! I have also learned a lot about some people's unselfishness on PN and at other times their insecurities. Photo critique is a bit like playing poker. You get to know a lot about the person opposite. Tanya, you at any rate are a cute young lady, full of passion, curiosity and imagination. Yes, we should play around one day, but not necessarily with photoshop about which frankly I know very little .. :-)

Tanya Truong
On a second thought... First day on photography. Second day on photoshop. Third day, hmmmm....let me think.... Another day to learn JPeri's signature, perhaps?....hehehe...

Janusz Taras
Excellent work.Regards.Janusz.

Tanya Truong
John! There always something about John Peri's unique signature imprinted on a photo whether it is altered in photoshop or not. This one, radiates your photography style of elegance, sensuality and playfulness that can not be mistaken :o). John! When i meet you, can we spend just a day toghether on...photoshop ;o).

Atanu Ghosh
very unique rendition, John...

Michael Meneklis
A great piece of modern art. Bravo John.

John Peri
Ha, yes David, it is her shadow or silhouette rather let's say (green?) ... but I've moved it around a little .. :-)

Rakesh Syal
So you have started paintings now, LOL!! Great effects my friend!

Ramon Martinez

Very creative nude. Another way to make art with female nude body. Great work.



John Peri
Fantasies continued ... .. where would we be without them ...

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