Orleans, Cape Cod

by H. John

orleans cape cod seeking critique h john

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Published: Wednesday 24th of October 2007 02:59:49 AM


Kathleen Olsen
Sharp with excellent colors. I love the sunrise/sunset mode on my Nikon Coolpix 8800 it captures the colors the way camera should. Love it great job.

Eldar C
Simple and clean. Great colors as well. Well done.

Michael S. Maddox
John, Great composition, and gorgeous color. The leading line created by the negative space between the foreground & background boats invites the viewer out into the water. Beautiful photo! Very well-done. -Michael

Tomaso Nigris
it's a very nice and perfectly balanced composition I should have personally reduced the violet tone but it is just my taste

Nassos Zambaras
I find the composition original and interesting and the result visually pleasing. A very good piece of work, indeed!

Anthony Gutowski
Hi John Nice composition! Excellent color and light. A very quiet and serene atmosphere. Best Regards

Chris Autio
Languid and dreamy. Lovely.

John H.
Tomaso, I have another image of this scene that is exactly the same as this but is seen in the more usual orange sunset/sunrise light. In this image I deviated from my usual practice of avoiding automatic scene modes and shot this in sunset mode which gave it this stark but fairly believable filtered effect. I tend to agree with your perspective but, for some reason, this version seems to resonate more with people so I posted this version. Thanks to you and all for taking the time to comment.

Birte Ragland
In case you have not noticed I do other work as well.Sounds like real sour grapes to me! Anyway this is a nice shot, well composed.

Matthew Brennan

Cracking good composition, I like the cool violet hue too - excellent image.

JDM von Weinberg

Nice work.

Marie H

This is beautiful. I loved Orleans and my drive up to P Town, what a magical place.  Next time, ferry to Nantucket!

Alex Elias

What an image. The colors are just breathtaking and the composition is just great.

This one deserves to be a poster.



John H.

Good news incidentally Alex. The file has been sent to the lab for a poster print and should arrive any day now.

Latil GĂ©rald

Superb, i like the colors...

Beautiful composition.

Best regards

Christal Steele

The colors may be a bit of a stretch from reality, but who cares when it's this beautiful!  :-)  The silhouettes and their arrangement are very striking.......Bravo!

John H.
Orleans at Sunrise Nikon Coolpix 8400. Sunrise/Sunset mode, sharpened & resized for web. Image otherwise as shot.

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