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Published: Tuesday 23rd of October 2007 09:13:08 AM


Allan Kirby
A Visual Story John, I appreciate that I am seeing a cooperative team working in the production of your pictures here. Not only am I seeing good tradecraft in the photographer but also the model here is giving beauty and form but also an emotional content as well. I think you both should be complimented for putting it all together so well.

Michael Meneklis
Very attractive girl in an excellent shot. Bravo John.

John Peri
Allan thank you, and the others too, on behalf of the model also. Thank you also for pointing out how beautifully expressive she is, to her credit. I think that a good friendship and trusting relationship helps to put both photographer and model at ease. Lennart, I do get the point, but I found ne better way of making it suggestive and leaving it within the realms of good taste. Given that the accent is on "glamour" here, I think that it was important to take this approach. A purely "figure study" presentation could be treated differently in my opinion, but that's just how I see things. Thanks for making this interesting comment.

Yiannis Oikonomidis
A beautiful image John as always. I would still like you to had it cropped less and have her knee and toes in the frame. Still exquisite.

David Noble
Hello John Well, another excellent contribution here from our friend, Mr. Peri. Great pose, lovely girl, nice cropping, CLASSIC PERI. I must say, I like the black marble here, too.

Robert Farnham
Excellent work, John. Very sensual. I see your summer was productive.
Best wishes,

Tanya Truong
John! Did you see my new self-portrait in the shower yet?. Well! Too bad, I took it off after i saw this photo of a beautiful lady with so much sensuality...:o). Her expression is just right, someone who enjoying herself in pleasant thought during a shower. I can't help to agree with you, John. It takes a trusting relationship between the model and the photographer to have such free-spirit, expressive image. My admiration to you, John, as a nude photographer and your ability to establish such rapport with your models.

John Peri
Thanks Joe. Actually no, I would say that the sheet in "late morning" is an even more natural part of the design than is the unnattached garment here.

Gagik Yeghiazarian
Gagik Yeghiazarian mood, use of available space, lighting - all in balance - congratulations!

Lennart Goldmann
John! I saw your name so I had to take a second look. The photo is great, I like the composition and the expression. Personally I find the things (lingerie?) hiding her most intimate parts disturbing, not because I would like to see her crotch, but because it looks too artificial: it just couldn't be there by accident, it looks too planned! Maybe I'm wrong and it just fell there, but that seems too good to be true!?

Louis Poulin
-Love the darker background contrast with the young ladies skin tone- Louis,Canada Oct 23=2007

Stefano Truzzi
This is a good example of sensuality without any vulgarity. Simply beautiful. Have a nice day

Joe Gallagher
Once again John, you and your model have combined to produce a picture of exceptional sensuality and beauty. I noticed the issue that Lennart brought up because I found it distracting more than anything else. Thank you for your clarification and explanation. Can I assume that the towel in "Late Morning" was intended for the same purpose? Thanks

Gian Marco Marano
Great shoot! Compliments..

Jim Phelps
John, I missed this when you first posted it. I particularly like the pose and the way the contrast with the floor enhances the pose. It creates a strong dramatic look. Congratulations to you both. Jim phelps

John Peri
Thank you Jim. I step very carefully when it comes to eroticism. This young lady like just a few others that I know can pull it off so gracefully. Thank you for you frequent visits during 2007 and your pertinent remarques always concerning my work.

Michel Straub
I really love this picture it's erotic without being vulgar. I would hang a copy on the wall if I could get my hands on it!! Also my compliments for the model she is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!

John Peri
Shower .. ..

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