Silk stockings

by Goldmann Lennart

silk stockings seeking critique goldmann lennart

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Published: Sunday 21st of October 2007 09:48:45 PM


Giempe Peter
Really a good shot witha perfect atmosphere.

Mike Lawrence
Maybe a bit too much noise in the photo. The noise does add an nice feel to it however. Mike

Steve H├ębert
Very beautiful image, and Mike, yes I agree with you that what you call noise does add a nice feel, but this is not noise, it's film grain.

Jeff H
Noise or grain, it adds to the photo. I love everything about it. Great work!

Allen R
I love this photo. Great mood and I like the contrast and grain. My only complaintis that it's a little too centered for my taste. Maybe a little more space on the bottom and right would be nice. But that's a person preference. Great photo!

Jim Phelps
Lennart, To me, this is your most erotic foto. It works very well in high key.

John Peri
Well, we've just discussed this so you know how much I love backstage photos. There is something so much more intimate and sincere about such moments, as compared to those more formal ones that we take. Needless to say, this one is absolutely gorgeous, a classic of it's kind. It's fabulous, bravo ... and what a memorable moment.

Lennart Goldmann
Thank you I am grateful for your positive comments, especially John and Jim! I'm currently finishing the renovation of a big old house in France, with a studio, so I'll be back with more next spring. Regards Lennart

Jim Phelps
Lennart, I strongly concur with John on this foto. Jim Phelps

Lennart Goldmann
Silk stockings One of my early favorites, thankful for your feedback - curious how this would be rated!

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