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by Guevara Luis A

composite image original mb seeking critique guevara luis a

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Category: Fine Art

Published: Saturday 20th of October 2007 11:53:37 PM


Jana Vanourkova
nice spooky place, cheers Jana

Jack McRitchie
Wonderful use of light to create an archetypal fairytale scenario.

Johanna Da Cruz
Wow! Great work....I just love the way Trees roots just grow above the ground like this.If you have time plse take a peep at the 2xphotos I have in my portfolio so far from Cambodia of how wonderfull Trees grow and wherever.Warmest Regards Johanna from SouthAfrica

Apostolos Spanoudis
As i read in the technical details these exposures are handheld.That makes it extremely difficult as the light is low.The final result is enchanting, dwarfs, elfs and fairies are the next i expect in this mystic forest.Regards

Luis A Guevara
Mystical Light You are right that Hand held exposures for a sequence are difficult , particularly in low light. I must however , point out ,that this Scene only existed in my eye! There was not dramatic lighting and no ray of light at all. This image is the result of a Digital Montage in Auto Pano and hand painting the beam of light in Photoshop CS3. I am considering some variations of this image that would include some other elements, please check my portfolio later on. I am glad you liked it. Thanks .Luis

Luis A Guevara
Mystical Light Art really begins with MAKING images ,rather than CAPTURING them . Art is about personal expression and you choose the media that best suits you. I chose Digital Painting. When we like something is because we see in it something of us that we like. The reverse is also true ,and it can be very useful to try making images of what repels us until we can find beauty on it. Do you like this image?

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