Published: Thursday 1st of January 1970 12:00:00 AM


Les Berkley
Absolutely wonderful. The 'wave' raises this to a really profound level. Beautifully done.

Darius Tulbure
7/7 Excellent job!

Andrew Piotrowski
Superb Excellent picture and great title.

Michel Latendresse
Very artistic Miriana as usual. An image that one can come back to over and over and find new meanings every time. Very inspiring work. Regards - michel

Dave Hollander
I'm not a great fan of the genre but this is a very nice image.

Elena Orlova
Doug Gentry: Let me agree with you!

Doug Gentry
Miriana, You have gathered together several wonderful elements and created a masterpiece! From the water waves to the arched ceiling. It's beautiful and creative! Best Reagards, Doug

Juliana Bustos
This is an awsome picture. At first glance it looks like a painting.

Aminreza Kalantari
hi: your photo is realy great and beautiful with nice color ... i have a request ,dear... i know the basic of photoshop .. but i dont know about this type of editing which in this photo you have done .. please tell me how did you edited your photo which looks like a painting image... i tried for more than one mounth but i coud not... i realy have request from any body here can help me regarding this amazing type of edit with details... you will do an amazing help for me,if you indiacate me... realy need your help ,please do not forget ... my email is : AMINREZA.IRAN@YAHOO.COM yours faithfully aminreza

Rueda Palomares Agustin
Es incalculable, tanto la belleza como el mensaje de esta escena. Saludos.

Mikel Arrizabalaga
Wonderful and inspiring work

Beata Bieniak
... Here is how your comment would appear:

Craig Phillips
Very thought provoking The image really captures me - what is she thinking, how is the room used -lots of imagination catered for and called for. Technically, love the control over the tones ensuring that the light areas are not burned and the shadows have great detail

Juan Carlos Rivera

Very beautiful composition, well procesed with a nice atmosphere. congrats.

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