Boys on a lampost ! an older picture (published in Photo Magazine) ..

by Peri John

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Published: Saturday 23rd of March 2002 02:45:04 PM


dead fish
Ah, you did it :-)

Richard Vezina
John you are definitely young at heart! and the dress code is fine with me...a good time period when there was a little more pride, and discipline. ...thanks for sharing!!! Richard

Scott Cary
Excellent photo of boys being boys. I don't see a date on this photo. When was it taken?

John Peri
No, it would be difficult to stage something like that. They were climbing the lampost, they saw the camera and play acted for me!

barry gilliand
A wonderful departure from your nude work. Well timed moment. Lets see more. Barry Gilliand

Chris Buechner
This is really a great shot! Looks like something out of the 40's. Did you stage this, or just came accross it by accident?

Anurag Sharma
Love the moment Very candid shot. Reminds me of my childhood...

No need to say too much. This is it.

Jeffrey Langlois
This reminds me of a Weegee street/kids shot, very nice. From a journalist POV the only thing I don't like is that they are looking at you.

Eren Aktuglu
This is PHOTOGRAPHY... I really missed this kind of pics, especially on this site, very nice shot, thanks for sharing.

Richard Vezina
If this is for real I'd like to know where people still dress like this and where the lamp posts are this antique? It looks as if you traveled back in time for this one!... Regardless the expressions are perfect!

John Peri
Thank you for your very interesting comment. Thank you also for reminding me how old I am! ...Oh yes ... and I also used to dress like that too !! Best wishes, John

Dejan Kosanovic
Beautiful shot. Really captures that childish joy, pure happyness. Thanks.

m saga
bravo wonderful composition, great expressions, a joy to view

John Peri
Long, long ago...

Tony Storey
Hi John, excellent moment in time. What country was this photo taken in?

Stanislas Mourdon
A good One Remind me some shots from Robert Doisneau...

M. Ort
Great catch! Wish it were a tad sharper, but otherwise excellent. It has such an "old world" flavor! Kind regards, m.

David Magradze
Amazing! Great photo. You rarely see this king of photos (unfortunately). Rest of your photos are also very good. Congrats.

Classic I would say : Photography of the week...(any week :-))

Jay Dixon
When? It could have been taken in the 30's. I have nothing like this. It's wonderful.

choeN .
'Add a comment to Maybe I feel the need to show that I do photography something else other than pretty girls!'

Oh, you do young boys too...I see. Hah!

My respect to you, John. I dont think a camera back then is as common as a it is today, and you used it oh so well.

Sharif El-Hamalawi
EXCELLENT This photo is hilarious. Simply excellent! Congratulations!!

Jon Brooks
The details of the background add so much feeling to this shot... the broken concrete windowsill, aged brick, the floral print curtains hung loosely in the window... amazing stuff. Great work!

peter konzuk
Just found these great shots while browsing your glamour shots.. great shots.. decisive moment, composition, stories, beautiful work.. I understand you shot these over 30 years ago, interesting evolution of your shooting style. IMHO all good shots studio or otherwise are decisive moments and your skill manifests itself here.

John Peri
Many thanks Peter. I have never taken a photo in a studio though ... as for my history .. maybe a more normal thing would have been to do things the other way round!

Pascual Sanchez
Aesthetics 7, Originality 7 Simply Excellent. It´s a very nice folder

M. A. Crapo
Wow What can I say?

Peter Schelling
Impressing One of the best photos i saw on this Website

Richard Rozzo
Absolutely wonderful John. Classic example of just how powerful B&W truly is even in this day! You have definately captured a moment in time that shows all the fun and excitement of youth, no matter where they are in this world!

Frunze Verdi

Kaur Lass
Well dear John, I we follow our hearts we end up doing waht we do best. I am clad to know that you had "the eye" already back then.

If you remember why you took photos then and use the same motive, I thing you suprise even yourself! It has been said: if the motive is right, all actions are right. It does not matter what some people say. Things are always as they are seen. Never anything but that. That is why I love honest shots - there are just camera and you. No past. No future. Just here and now. Like on this one. And I am sure you had fun taking it.

I guess that's why they ended up here - those old shots - you are back to have fun with the camera again. Be playful - and I am sure I like the result. Don't be in control (ha-ha-ha: women are!), have fun. :-) You have the skill now. It enables you to be who you are!

Good luck! I'll be around again.

Manuela Pentangelo
:P I love it I'm new, so I've not seen your girls But this one I really love it :D

Raymond Bradlau
A truly great photograph, you have a great eye

Nikos Xentes

John Peri
Well, there are boys and girls you know!

gareth harper
Fantastic John. I was scrolling through all those girlie shots and then this just lept out at me.

John Peri
How kind of you Michael. I took it in fact when I was myself in my last year at school. I probably would not have been able to share such intimacy with the boys at a later stage. Thank you again.

Michael Chang
Believe it or not, John, this is a picture I visit from time to time, often for hours at a stretch just to take in what words can't explain. I bet you never thought this picture had such magic.

Radu Draia
that is a great, great picture,john!!!radu

Sue Anna Joe
This is definitely a wonderful image! Love the reality of it. And definitely a happy image at that. Ah a childs innocence is something to treasure. You've captured it so well. Also, I love how they seem to have a connection with you, their eye contact with the photographer that is. It's not like you're some 'stranger' to them. You seem very welcomed. And this shows greatly. A very wonderul capture.

Al Li
I have to agree with everyone here. This is an excellent photo. It shows your skill and talent at a fine young age. The feeling, expression and action are all so real. Really beautiful image.

Roman Serenko
7/7 EXELLENT!!! Is the words can explane what i feel looking at THIS PHOTO! Is the childish expression.Why i can't to do the same now...

John Peri
Roman, I took this when I was not much older than the children. I don't think any of us can do that now ... I was part of the game then.

Rina H
John, I knew it . This is one of the photos you refer to in your biography! Oh yes, there is live in it ! The Joy of childhood ! Now we are still and only melancholic viewer. This kind of photography is best in b/w. Regards Rina

Mr G.Q
masterpiece you are beloved for the great quantity of female nude in your portfolio but dear friend my this is your masterpiece absolutely one of the most beautiful photos that I have seen in my life compliments gino

Robin Bogert
This image is wonderful! Bravo to you sir!

marco prenninger would take his hat off infront of this picture!!!! really a great moment!!!! looks like an old classic, like the one mr. clint eastwood recently did a movie about, at least recently in know what photo i am talking about? the one where this americans put up a flag somewhere in japan, by this rosenthal guy....anyway, what i wanna say is that i like it a lot, that you captured a wonderful moment right here, and that it really looks heroic and like i have seen it in national geographic already.....enough kissing ass now, but its really like that!

John Peri
Thanks Marco, I had the advantage of being not that much older than the kids when I took it, which allowed me easy access to them!

Gino Tumbarello
ciao super!

Nina Non
fun shot so much joy in them. Nice shot!.

Landrum Kelly
f/8 and be there, all over again Thanks, John, for the reminder that it is still, after all the technological innovations and improvements in technique, about being there--and you were there.


Andi Popescu
Hmm.. I find myself looking at this picture and wondering. Very nice work! Congratulations!

John Peri
Thanks Andrei ... I was a schoolboy with my father's camera when I took this ..

Marin Rex
humanity This is one of the rare shots that I have seen in which the potential and purpose of a photograph is equally paired with the skill and identifiable humanity behind the lens. 10/10 , congratulations on a magnificent photo.

Anca Cernoschi
excellent!! film?

Bill Symmons
Happy New Year John. This is a great moment captured and over the years this type of shot becomes even more valuable. Nice to see the early work when you were getting "hooked". Looks like school uniforms, from the 60's probably in Britain, since I remember dressing like that. My compliments, Bill

John Peri
Hy Bill, thank you and my best wishes to you also. Yes, this was in England, in schooldays .. er, let's just say that it was a very long time ago .. :-)

Neil Peters
timing, composition, timelessness. wow.

Steve nicholson
I wish it were mine. Every so often one comes across a photo that you could add the comment " I wish it were mine" too. This for me is such a meaningful image. I don't know what it is about it, but it certainly has something. I'm a big fan of your work having commented on it before, but this one simple shot does more for me than all the rest. I could have been taken in the street where I grew up. Maybe that's the appeal. Many thanks for continuing to inspire me.

Maurizio Melozzi
This is a frame of photograpy's Story. I'have no words to tell you how many "amazing" is that image

Marjolein M.

What a lovely and timeless photograph...!  A strong document of happiness and childhood.

Josemi Gondra
Happy boys

Hi, John,

Do not know what exact carom drove me to this shot but I was instantly attracted by the innocent freshness of these happy boys. The composition is excellent and I am a little intrigued about what they want to do. It seems to be very difficult to go up on that lamppost with their weak arms and hands.

When reading other critiques I laughed because I was to ask you same as Bill - you know, what year ... - but I will not do it. I recognized it is some old because they dress short trousers and the boy is not dressing his cap front-side rear like now they do.

I am asking me some subjects that could be part of that article that used this photo as illustration, or perhaps it was an article on photography itself. Congratulations for a great shot. Ikusi arte, John. Josemi Gondra


Siegfried Gust

It's hard to find anything to write that hasn't been written here yet. But it does go to show that your talent for photography showed it's self at very young age. Excellent image, one of my favorites of yours.

nebojsa kazimir tasic


Martin M. Gatti

It reminds me of a Robert Doisneau image.  An early sign of the work you'd do later in life! 

Sweid Sideris

Much more than a photo about children games. It is a depiction of an age of the world, and how much it changed in a short time. It has everything that a photographer wish to get with a camera. The strength of the new life pushing to emerge. One of your best I have ever seen.

Ricardo Maximo Lopez D'Angelo

Jonh ... what more can be added to what has been written previously? 

A Masterpiece ... !! 

Mark Harris

The genesis of a great photographer. This was very well made, especially for someone so young!

joao barros
Time goes by very fast John...I used to dress similar to these boys...this is a nice way to remember me that I'm getting too old...Best regards.

Donna Pallotta

perfect! bravo! ;-} dp

Dimitris Vasiliou
Hi John.. This is a classic image that truly sticks to mind...

John Peri
After school .... i think I must have been around 13 when I took this .. : -)

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