Salar de Atacama - National Flamingo Reserve

by Downs Jim

salar de atacama national flamingo reserve desert seeking critique downs jim

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Published: Sunday 14th of October 2007 09:13:36 AM


Ed Heuvelink
Flamingos do have another color. It might have been an interesting shot, the difference in colors of the flamingos and the background, but now there is little left over.

Jim Downs
Ed, I'm not sure I get the drift of what you are saying. There are indeed three types of flamingos in this reserve, each with different colors. The salt flats where they were grazing extended for several hundred meters in each direction and looked just like what you see in the background and foreground here. This was the only area of the image in focus, thus the panoramic crop. Thanks for having a look. GJ

Jim Downs
Salar de Atacama Reserva Nacional Los Flamencos

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