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Published: Saturday 13th of October 2007 05:52:25 PM


Paul Turton
It is hard to hide the obvious flash in PS but use of flash diffusers could have improved an otherwise excellent image IMHO.

Konstantin Yudintsev
Well balanced in terms of light and composition. Regards, Konstantin

Ken Boxsell
Magnificent macro shot Peter

Jure Dolzan
Zdravo Peter! Meni se čini ovaj makro totalno sjajan! Bravo.

Daniel Dionne
Hello Peter, Super photograph. Extraordinary details with very beautiful color and a perfect DOF. Congratulation.

kiran r
excellent verry gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood

Lindsay Dobson
I absolutely love this image. Colour, form, and balance are near-perfect in my opinion and it has a graphic simplicity which immediately draws the eye.

Simon Zamar
Congratulation Bravo Peter - Misfits! lp nini

Chris Panagiotidis
IMPORTANT!!(please read) Hi Peter,you should know that there is this member(GOTINHA) at this site: http://pixdaus.com/?fun=2&name=GOTINHA . He has taken one of your photos ( this one )and posted it for some type of point system. I discovered this because he lifted one of mine too. ( it was brought to my attention by a member of another site where I post too.)He seems to upload only other people's work, maintaining though the author's name. When you go to this url click on "see more GOTINHA latest pics..." and you will find one of yours. See what you can do. This bug picture, amist its technical imperfections, ( perfection sometimes is boring), is an exquisite study of the (unknown), micro world that lives in parallel with us Best regards, Chris

Jan Olof Härnström
Excellent Very artistic macro shot. Done wiht great skill. Congratulations J O.

Christopher Schlaf
Excellent image.Great color and sharpness

Dianne Owen
natural history & ceative, most difficult to do. you hve achieved something very special. di

Reid Coleman
wet creature...and host This image is very pleasing. I especially appreciate the water droplets on the creature, as well as the plant. What a wonderful job capturing such an interesting subject! Thanks for allowing us to enjoy it.

Patrick Hudepohl
Response to by Peter Garvanović Please note the following:

Diana Deaver
Response to by Peter Garvanović I don't know much about macro photography but this is strikes me as an excellent photograph. If the purpose of macro is to show me something I cannot see with my plain eye, then this has achieved it's purpose. I love the detail of the water on the bug.It reminds me of how amazing and simple life is, and how lucky I am to have my showers in private (smile). I love that the bug is on top of the leaf...it's like us humans ...whenever we're in the up-swing of things we try to grab on and stay there for a while...This image simply puts me in a good mood.

Jeff Lear
Response to by Peter Garvanović This is a beautifully composed photograph. You've made this look so perfect that it almost looks easy. The bokeh is spectacular, not only the softness but the brilliant color and the subject lighting is well done (not always an easy thing in macro). I would have asked your bug to raise his other antennae for the sake of symmetry but you know what they say about photographing kids and bugs ;) The only other quibble I have would be that it might have looked even more impressive in portrait so that you could see the end of the shepherd's hook on the leaf rather than an arch where both ends of the leaf seem to rest on the bottom of the frame. Beautiful work, Peter.

Tom Wiggins
Response to by Peter Garvanović The sharpness of this photo is excellent, it makes one thing the bug is going to move. The composition is excellent.

Bill Tate
Response to by Peter Garvanović Hi Folks, It's me again. I too feel that the out of focus antenna is a candadate for a little Photoshop work. I would play with it trying to make it look in focus and I think if worked on long and hard enough it is posssible. True, it wouldn't be totally and journalistically or scientifically correct, but who cares about a little retouch on such a photograph. I get the impression, although it may just be my monitor, that the more or less in focus antenna has been worked on a little in Photoshop as the background nearby appears mottled just a little and could be smoothed somewhat. It is overall, a superb image, and mostly sharp as a tack (with the exception of that antenna). Using the loop of greenery to hold the subject in the right place, as required by the rule of thirds, is effective for displaying the little critter. That should make most people viewing it look with the same admiration I felt when I first looked at the shot. It truly is near perfect. The blurred background and the color shift left to right is wonderful. You get a couple of extra "atta boys" for those items. I searched for a way to improve by cropping to no avail. Ya done good! Willie the Cropper

Larry Greenbaum
Response to by Peter Garvanović Questions for learning: Did you spray the bug and plant with a mister to get the water drops? How much time did you have to set up the image? I find that bugs, bees, and butterflies move quickly, leaving little creative time? Nice bokeh. What lens did you use? Great image. Thanks for the responses to my questions.

Birte Ragland
Response to by Peter Garvanović Its a great macro, but I am tired of seeing insects and such sprayed with water,its just not natural.I would have preferred you had taken the shot original.Another thing to note, photos (macro world) that are set up do not get published.Don,t get me wrong I think its a fantastic shot, but please stay natural.

David Brown
Response to by Peter Garvanović It's focusssed/sharp and the bug is unusual, but it just doesn't "do it" for me. I don't like the unnatural, garish background and, once noticed, the out of focus antenna is untidy. I'm not a fan of the "misted look" either; it's getting a bit overused, cliched. You have some other macros in your folder that I prefer - photo_id=6493305 and photo_id=6478534 amongst others.

Peter Garvanović
Response to by Peter Garvanović Hello, This photo was taken early in the morning, the water drops are dew and not sprayed, the lens is canon EF 100 USM macro and lens diopter +6. !!! All my photos of insects are taken in the early morning, when is dewy and cold - I can come very close to insect, because when is cold they simply freeze. All those water drops on insects are just drops of dew. I've never sprayed water on insects. And all animals on my photos are alive. Thanks for the critiques Peter

Hung Nguyen
Beautiful Macro This is is an example of how far this forum has advanced people. A few years ago these astounding macros are nowhere to be seen but there has been quite a number of these beautiful, technically accomplished macro photos on PN of late...a very positive development. It is refreshing that the authors are always very forthcoming with technical advices too. The standards for macros have just been lifted. My congratulations. Kind regards, Hung Nguyen

John Konstantaras
Response to by Peter Garvanović In my opinion the only thing that bothered my about this magnificent macro was a bit of over-sharpening that makes it a bit unreal. I tried to fix it with aphtophoto FixFocus.

Pankaj Purohit
Response to by Peter Garvanović Composition is nice, Subject is good and shapes are great, but I am not impressed wih the technical quality of the photo. Water drops are looking so artificial, may be original but not looking natural. Background gradiants are good. But the overall minimum objects in the photograph is one of the strongest point of this photograph. Wish a goodliuck to get better than this.

Will King
Response to by Peter Garvanović It's a decent macro shot with a nice colorful bg. Sorry, but I'm not buying the dew story. I immidiately thought this bug was sprayed and after viewing the rest of his Peter's macro portfolio, I'm convinced it's more than just dew. I'm not against spraying a bug to get a more intriguing shot, just think it's a little over done here.

Ken Thalheimer
Response to by Peter Garvanović An excellent composition & very good macro shot. It appears a bit over-sharpened

Birte Ragland
Response to by Peter Garvanović I do a lot of macro work and especially in the early mornings.I have done it in many different countries for many publications, and I have never seen as much (dew) on any insect, beetle or bug as this.Peter is a fabulous macro photographer, but I think he needs to loose this overly wet look.

Mark Zammit
Response to by Peter Garvanović Should Peter have given the bug a towel maybe???

Bojan Stepancic
Response to by Peter Garvanović Great photo!!! I know Peter very well and I`am familiar vith his photography. He will never spreyd the insects.

Peter Garvanović
Response to by Peter Garvanović Hello, The water drops are dew and not sprayed, and they are 100% natural !!! Beacouse I love nature I would never harm the insect in any manner. It is sad that some of you won't belive that, perhaps you never try to take photos so early. I just take photos of insects in theirs natural habitat and conditions, and dew is one of souch natural condition and it is all over the meadow, not only on insects. For those of you, who could not understand that, I could just suppose that you don't know the nature so well. Thans for critiques Peter

Elvis Omercehajic
Response to by Peter Garvanović this is shure 100% natural, just go outside in early morning 5-6 am, and you will see that, but maybe you live in places that weather is not simillar, humidity, cold, condensation. Great work Peter

Dimitar Jeliascov
Response to by Peter Garvanović I know bioligy and know when the weather goes rainy they try to find out shelter. I like to take pictures in this time because before rain they are what the Peter depicted, but ... I couldn't beliеve the insects aren't sprayed. Why? Because every one insect because morning and more over night temperatures went in shelters. This is first reason. Second- because my knowleg of biology I know that the dew will cover part of tracheols of insects. It means suffocation. Last reason why I couldn't beliеve is simple to know and calculate surface tension which will sustain in so small droplets water. I took part of my pictures early morning too, but with leg or somthing additional (stick) I try to stir insects to emerg from thems shelters, then the low temperature helps to me, but dew I never saw. Because of that I posted one my picture "Don't spray me". I know how some of insects (butterfly) to go on my hands a have perfect possibility to do with them very atractiv and good composed pictures but you could see I haven't no one. In the end about droplets, every one could read about biology in this case, about oil beetle. Picture is perfect about this I have no one suspition but about droplets i am deep doubted. General reason more and more pictures with droplets you could see here. If so many insects stay in the night under open sky and so many photographers wake up so early morning... I know very well part of technology for this pictures- vaporase anaesthetics, more over chlorethil could do even thermic shock in insect etc. I won't give information because of clear reasons. In the end I'll repete the picture is Perfect!

Andreas Kinell
natural The photographer says the drops are natural, so it is. Why on earth should he lie?

Kristina Kraft
Response to by Peter Garvanović What a joyful and colorful life of insects you presented. The crust of this bug is awesome.

Darek M.
7/7 Beautifully isolated. Awesome photograph. Congratulations for the POW!

Yannik Hay
Response to by Peter Garvanović Beautiful macro. What I like most here is the curve of the blade on the right side and the bug is looking towards the left. This was my first observation. And I think that this is what makes the shot. Opposites are always apealing. Very nice. Sure the bg is nice. And about the droplets, this isn't a contest on how much a bug can get wet or not. Why do people "sweat" (play on words) on these details. Personnaly, I think that if you try to spray a bug, it will fly away. But maybe I am wrong. This image is not about discussing the count of drops. But if the photo is well done, apealing, distance subject to sensor plane, etc. I give a 7-7 on this image. Bravo! Yannik

Kory Lidstrom
Response to by Peter Garvanović Can you say "killer bokeh"? Seriously, that bokeh is about as good as it gets: smooth and creamy. Nice shot!

Marielou Dhumez
Response to by Peter Garvanović hello Peter ! I've just taken a look to your entire portfolio, all made of wonderful macrophotographs.
This one is good because very well composed and colors superb. Just a bit of oversharpening but nothing bad.
You have others even more beautiful !
I would like to suggest to those who doubt about reality of the dew, look at other Peter's macros, like this one : http://photo.net/photodb/photo?photo_id=7613546, if you imagine this guy on the picture would stay on the leaf ....!
I know a little about macrophoto and it's impossible ! All that wings world is so unpredictable and brisk !

Ehsan Bouhendi
Response to by Peter Garvanović It is excellent! learning question,do you use tripod to take macro photos,If yes would you let me what is the name and If not how you can fix such accurate? Thanks

Peter Garvanović
Response to by Peter Garvanović I use tripod for 20 or 30% photos (tripod Velbon sherpa pro 640 + head Velbon PHD-51Q).

Scott A. Eagle
Response to by Peter Garvanović Fantastic, perfect composition, unique subject, amazing accent with the water drops, and really nice bokeh. 10/10 for a macro shot. What kind of bug is this?

Peter Garvanović
. Please view large. Thanks for your comments and rating.

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