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Published: Saturday 13th of October 2007 12:14:07 AM


Haleh Bryan
Susan, this is just fabulous! I do however think you could have eliminated the lights. They have already served their purpose and their presence is no longer necessary! It is of course just my opinion.

Lauren M. - North Shore, MA
Another beautiful job Susan! Can you share your settings? I'm not so sure about the comment of omitting the lights. I tried viewing it without them and something seemd missing. I would at least want to see the whole mirror frame. This would be great as a painted version too!

Lauren M. - North Shore, MA
Yes, I definitely like the lights - but what do I know?

Susan Flewelling
Thank you for the well thought out critique. When I shot this photo I turned to my assistant and said this looks like a painting. I do have a background in painting and I am always looking for dark dramatic lighting like this. Thanks again, Susan

Iren Nagy
Susan This is simply a very eye catching and appealing photo. Well done! Cheers, Iren

Susan Flewelling
The setting was the dressing room (hence the brides shoes). The little girls mother had just left and she was watching her leave the room. A bit aprehensive about the ceremony to come and being left with a very busy room. You can also see the dress in the mirror that was hanging a little sloppily on the side. I was wondering if it would be better if it were skinnier and the second mirror was taken out. But that may be difficult. Thanks for your comments. I think I do like the lights though. I hate to crop the top of the mirror.

Susan Flewelling
Girl waiting Any thoughts?

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