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Published: Thursday 1st of January 1970 12:00:00 AM


Iuliana Iacob
Wonderful! Definitely gives new meaning to the expression "a hand washes(or rather fixes) the other". :)

Daryl Crouse
Creative and most certainly unique.....My compliments....6/7

Shane Willis
Thanks thanks to everyone for the comments. And many thanks to Anthony for the kind words. FOOTNOTE : I did not look at the original drawing before I created this. I wanted to do it from memory so it would have my own flavor. After I finished the work I looked up the orgianl and realized how close I was on the positon, layout and comp. This was a fun one to do.

Panayotis Papadopoulos
Very nice idea, and very well executed!

Ben Goossens

Dan Bliss
It is an amusing take on Escher's drawing. Nicely done. Dan

Mustafa Sahin
Boomerang.. Great Composition.

Carlos Miguez Macho

Niels Christian Roe
Cause & effect,,,great idea, think-shot,, love it,,re niels

Anthony J Deffina
Nice spin and some of your best editing. Some of anyones best editing!

Alexandra L
amazing!!!! that MC GENIUS ESCHER drawing is one of my favorites and you've played on it so well! :) i am deeply impressed, i might even make this my laptop background for the time being :)

Shane Willis
Thanks Every one Thanks to every one for all the kind comments and feed back on this work. *Hellen, thank you as well and I am glad you want to use my work on your site. I am very pleased. Thanks for all the compliments. Enjoy.

Cara Donley
Awesome!!! My mechanic friend thinks this is AWESOME! :D And well, so do I. :)

helen sotiriadis
brilliant just brilliant.

Dave Bull
A3 Poster?



Love this!


A few of my friends would like to know if this would be available as a poster?





Shane Willis
MC Mechanic - Hand Fixing Hand A homage to M.C. Escher - VIEW LARGER FOR BEST IMAGE - Comments are most welcome

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