by Peri John

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Published: Friday 12th of October 2007 08:21:57 PM


Sweid Sideris
The camera loves her, of course she's very conscious about it, and you too. And she knows too the consequences of her exposure. I mean, she knows the emotions and feelings that she is provoking on the observer. A creature of a wild nature in a passionate way, and you have the accurate (and passionate) skills to reveal us just a part of her savage spirit. Such a formidable combination.

Alberto Quintal
John Lovely!!! Alberto

John Peri
Carlo, you analyze the moment well, thank you, but this is a rare model that actually lives her role, and the camera should always be there ready in fact. A large number of my photos of her, as above, are of her just being herself. The passion indeed is no secret. The role of the camera is to convey it.

John Peri
Many thanks all of you. I have an exceptionally graceful and expressive model ... and these moments will remain for posterity ..

Michael Meneklis
Excellent b@w and composition. Bravo John my friend.

Steffen Drache
Stolen moments, yes, a great work!!!

Sweid Sideris
Ups! Dear friend, you're confusing my comment on this shot with my comment on the ""L" .. as seen in a dream ..." shot! Anyway, I think that the point deserves a deeper observation. You have the advantage, because you know her in person, you are a friend of her, then you have much more elements for an accurate opinion. I am more or less at 14.000 kilometers of distance from both of you, watching her in a cold digital screen. Nevertheless sometimes a distant observer like me has an opportunity to set a point of view without "the contamination" of the closer relationship. You know that the personal contact has a heavy influence, and sometimes this influence is strong enough to convert an illusion in a reality. Ups! such a mess I did with my words! At all, perhaps you are right John, and she IS what I see. Then, thanks God because I am far away from Paris! ;-))

John Peri
Ha ha, no confusion here at all Carlo. My referral was to the self conscious act of being herself and my awareness of it. Inevitably, a photographer will always have a solitary view, but he can convey some of what he sees. The rest I'm not even sure that he wants to .. it's all really filtered through the camera and the moment that we wish to share. .. but believe me, your vision is very good !

Isaac Madera

Janusz Taras
Genial composition and model pose.7/7.Regards John.Janusz.

Cristiano Gentile
I think we begin to smoke! However, a beautiful photos

John Peri
Stolen moments .... ..

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