Naked on cross

by Martinez Ramon

naked on cross crucifixion seeking critique martinez ramon

Gallery: Crucified female Christ in B&W Dark

Tags: crucifixion seeking critique

Category: Nude and Erotic

Published: Friday 12th of October 2007 03:52:55 PM


Samrat Bose
Beautiful work, especially with use of light. I would have liked to see the feet as well, though.

Bojan Ramadanovic
I quite like this one, works much better as a christ depiction and is still technically excellent photo. Particularly like the upturned head.

Ramon Martinez
Thanks Thanks for all the comments. I?m glad that anyone like this work. But I do not understand the reason that the feet are so important for some people.

Stephan Wunsch
This one could cause some hefty comments... Good idea. But I think you shouldn't have cut off her feet. Also, that the top end of the cross disappears in the frame is not as good as it gets. 4/6.

Ionel Stoica
Well dressed on cross will be much better! :)

Rakesh Syal

Samrat Bose
Feet The presence of her feet may have made the photo more "complete" could see the entirety of the subject...that is how I see it; others may have different reasons. But the cross itself is not shown in would not bother me at all if left that way. However, at the end of the day, it's the artist's choice of expression that stands.

Ramon Martinez
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