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Published: Wednesday 10th of October 2007 05:37:20 PM


Jim Phelps
John, I particularly like the hair and the causual pose. FYI, I consider you one of the masters of the nude personality portrait. You obviously let the model control the shoot to a greater extent than most photographers, which lets her personality come through to the viewer.

Jean Merlin
looks very spontaneous. love it!

Rob van Berkel
hipshot Love this hipshot-style almost candid exposure of your model. Very attractive image and atmosphere!!

Alberto Quintal
Fantastica, beautiful, John, 7/7. Regards. Alberto

Michael Meneklis
Excellent composition in b&w my friend. Well done.

Fran Garcia
I love this shoot,John is very sensual

John Peri
Again, thank you David. Just to clarify the matter, indeed yes, just one flash attached to the camera which I turn away from the subject ... no umbrellas or anything .. and even that I lose all the time, the camera with flash attached that is! Oh, let me add that beware neverthless, because a flash can be more capricious than any model ever could ... :-)

Alessandro Della Casa
Amazing !

David de Orueta
Some details.... Is it to much to ask for, if I ask for the technical details, apart from knowing that you owe a couple of Nikons. As one of the most distinguished photographers on this site, top ranking in others interest, and with a great contribution in comments, I think it would be nice to know, every now and then, a little bit about the details of your photos, including equipment, lightning setup or post processing. When models or nudes are put in an atmosphere of everyday life or background it is far more interesting than when done in a studio. The style is absolutely excellent. Thanks.

Costas Ellos
unique ... ... portrait !!!!! I LOVE the directions - axes of all parts (architectural details or not, including the reflection of the hand).

John Peri
David, I am both flaterred and embarassed by your question, because whatever I will answer, some will not be satisfied. The truth of the matter is that I give only minimal importance to equipment and technicity, not because it is not worth it, but because I am quite unable to handle it in general. This is partly for reasons of inadequacy, but also because I am a snapshot photographer that tries to seize moments as they occur. This vexes some that refer to it somewhat cynically and amuses others, but I cannot help but do what I do. Irrespective of my photography, allow me to say that some of the most memorable photographs in existence today are in fact snapshots. I guess it's a style like any other. My flash is almost always on the camera and I point it away from my model. As for post-processing, I use a Photoshop 5 and play with little else other than colour variation and contrast (sometimes I may do this selectively), except in my fantasy file where I just press on buttons and hope for the best! This shot was taken during a shoot on the balcony where I was standing, with the model in the window. The camera was on 1/200th sec with the choice of aperture left on automatic. The flash was on. I then transferred to black and white and must surely have changed the contrast. With more elaborate lighting and planning for the session, I would have difficulty in catching a spontaneous moment like the one above. Nor would I imagine the model moving around so freely, though I may be wrong, since I have not experienced it. Thank you so much for the interest and for the undeserving words. The praise if any should mostly go to the models.

David de Orueta
One flash... Dear John Thank you very much for your answer. I still am a little curious about your lightning. As the flash can be one of the most badly used sources of light and ruin of many good photos, it is common to hear that the flash is no good, even if not pointed directly at the subject but bounced on something, wall or ceiling. So umbrellas and multiple fancy wireless flashlights come in to play. But as far as I understand your answer, you generally, or never, use that ie. umbrellas or multiple flashes. And if it is so, I must admit that I will have to take a look at your portfolio again, full of amazement, of what you can achieve with just one flash. Second I will go buy a flash. And yes, lots of praise to the models.

John Peri
One of those little moments ... .. during a photo shoot ...

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