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Published: Wednesday 10th of October 2007 09:46:36 AM


Stephen Solomon
Leg,....Lamp I've seen this one before. The leg with stocking, a leg lamp, I mean. Can't say that I will become obsessed with it like the character who played the father in "A Christmas Story", but I can see, by observing this image, why that could happen. Ever seen the movie, John??? Just had to mention that because the thought of it went through my mind when I saw this picture and read the comments regarding the table and lamp. I notice that a good majority of your pictures are taken in an indoor environment that appears uncluttered, plainly decorated and very clean. I gather that has to do with your attention to detail and the European influence. The reflection in the mirror appears to be a framed piece of abstract art. At any rate, I love the photo and feel you and your "muse" did a great job with the initial shoot and the editing that followed. The soft, lighting is superb!

John Peri
Many thanks Stephen. Actually, have not seen the movie, no .. Incidentally, the mirror several people mention is actually a painting that reflects the view from the other side of the room ..

Sarah Kane
So nice to see that you are capturing and collaborating with an artist John, and a beautiful one at that. She has a deeply confident stare in this one, which seems to really accentuate her grace. I haven't been on in a little while, so I'm catching up on some of your wonderful creations. Beautiful and unique as always John... ~S~

Peter Meade
Hello John, This really is very good. The curvaceous model set against the clean, straight lines of the setting are a compelling combination. An excellent work. Peter

John Peri
Rob, many thanks for your interesting comment. One thing that struck me in particular was your remark regading colour errors. I am not too sure how they translate into black and white according to the mistake, and undoutedly they exist quite often, but I find in general that you do need quite a crisp image before being able to make the change, otherwise you get something rather bland .. many thanks for passing by.

Scott Lynn
It's in the figurine.... John, I must ask the question... Is there any correlation between the figurines on the table, the model and this image? It seems to me the artist who created the figurines created what he or she would consider to be a perfect figurine as is this model and image. Kudos to you and model on this image. Hopefully this makes a little sense, since this is what I could see through my own eye?s??. Enjoy

Apurva Madia
Nice pic, John!

Anders Hald
Hi John. I am not quite sure if I understand the process? Do you let the model edit/postprocess the image? I think it is an interesting idea to bring the model in as a 'co-creator' in the sense that the model can contribute with display of character, but surely the photo technical stuff is the photographer's responsibility, is it not? Anyway. The model looks amazing and I like the contrast between her physical perfection and the mundanity of the room. If this is part of a series and ongoing work (sorry, I haven't spent any time on photo.net for years, so I am a little out of touch) I am sure will be a wonderful project. I will go straight to your gallries and see what else you have done. There are so many boring and unimaginative images of naked women, but this I think actually adds to the genre. Great shot. Best regards, Anders

Yiannis Oikonomidis
Hi John Another beautiful image from a "master" of nude photography. However,once again, I will be the devil's advocate and say that the table doesn't really work as a prop, as the couch does,but it distracts the eye. I suppose you needed the light but was there another way of having the lamp without the table? I would like to see more of the mirror too in another picture. I think you can work wonders with it, a model like that and your talent!

John Peri
Sarah, you are so sweet .. and such an interesting artist too ... and one day the twain shall meet .. Pete and Howard, thank you both also.

Howard Nowlan
Howard Nowlan A very finely executed project. As someone who is also now working in a similar fashion, I can appreciate the richness involved here.

Scott Lynn
Thanks... John, Thanks for the reply. and by all means see you in NYC.... Enjoy! Scott

Steve Ward
sw Ahh, now this is a great shot from the greatest city in the world. Wonderful model, wonderful image.

Joe Gallagher
Extraordinary beauty in an ordinary place The simple, elegant beauty of the model/co-creator in an otherwise ordinary setting is what makes this a picture that one (this one, anyway) can stare and wonder about how artists like you do the voodoo that you do so well. The conversation that this photo evokes is great to read and is tribute and respect that the other artists on this site have for both of you. I can only contribute my support and admiration and am happy to do so. THANKS!

Rob Wray
John Hi John. A long time since last commented but still an admirer of your work. I'm slowly and painfully getting there in my own way and still awaiting the opportunity to do this. However I do feel that I am strong enough to comment on images from people that are more experienced than I. I love Black and White images, the tones alone do it for me, then again I have been doing black and white photography for 20 years so I think that seems the reason why I like it so much. As for the content, the structure of your image and the furniture, it is really fine. This is modern times, distractions Mmmmmm none. Why? Because she is the focal point and then you start to look around the focal point and start to realise how well proportionate the image is. Look at the mirror top left, it then drags me down to the table bottom right, well as the Western world see it left to right it is about right. The lighting, well that's well balanced and on TTL you would expect that and of course Black and White does hide a list of colour errors, (not saying that this is the case). It's the kind of thing I would do :) What do I like about your images, the ability for them to appear so natural, they are good. Sounds like I'm sucking up to your photo, but credit where credit is due! I'm going to be doing a shoot on Sunday, Not nude but along the same lines, once they are edited I'll put them on. See what you think? You've been on holiday, I have not seen you around for awhile? All the best. Rob

John Peri
Steve, Joe, Ian, thank you so much. We both follow the comments obviously and very much appreciate the support ..

John Peri
Well Scott, to be frank, I saw the analogy too and lightened the head sculpture before posting the image, but there is no more purposeful goal than that. Best wishes and see you next time in NY, John

John Peri
Thank you Apurva, thank you also Anders for a very interesting comment. This is a collaborative effort. The model, an artist in her own right, is rich with ideas. I sent her my editing of the picture and she returned it to me with a more attractive version than mine. A couple of items were removed from the wall and the tones were changed throughout. So I post it here with the credit passed on to her .. thank you NM. Indeed, it is wonderful to be able to share one's work with one's model and to receive their ideas. She is by no means the only one.

John Peri
Ha ha .. but there is the little head on it ... :-) Yanni, thank you for your comment and for some very interesting points raised there. I do so often kick myself after and wonder why I did not move this or the other during a photo session. The truth is that I am in a coma during a shoot, rushing from one place to another capturing what seems like a suitable image at the time .. I don't really plan my work enough, or maybe that's partly why the models don't look too exasperated. I guess the table would be easy to move, yes, though the light source as you say is useful. The model, fed up with me too, did a much better job however of removing all the frames off the wall ... in post production ! Many thanks again .. and thanks to NM again .. she's the best.

Ian Verve
lovely great work per usual John, sweet perfection.... Cheers

Steve Ward
sw An artist that looks like this in the Big Apple, I'd go out of my way to see her art exhibit.

John Peri
Evening in Manhattan .. "Final rendering of this picture as prepared by the model" .. it has gone back and forth in the mail in jpeg form and may have lost some of it's punch, but the overall design remains ..

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