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by Peri John

in the studio nude peri john

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Published: Friday 22nd of March 2002 07:41:12 PM


Dan T
Don't mind them. They are, beyond any doubt, masters in photography and taste. And there's a lot to learn from a speechless 1/1, isn't it? :) Keep your good work. (I've recently received my first 2/2. I'm so proud of it).

Michael Castellano
10, 10 Superbly done. Definitely the best shot in the folder. I think John, that Nester was referring to the slight "halo" effect around the subject, possibly due to jpg compression or some dodging/burning?

Nestor Botta
The girl seems to be "moved", like you shooted @ low speed and she didn't stay quiet... Anyway the result is good.

Dan T
The more I'm looking for flaws, the more I like this photo. Tough job to be a critic of nudes. I give up.

John Peri
Dan, how nice! Thanks. Why is it nevertheless that I incite such strong negative reactions in some people that they give me 1 for originality and/or aesthetics!?

John Peri
I wonder why you say that? No, she was perfectly still. (Thanks Michael for the explanation given below).

Michael Weber
nicely done! very sexy while remaining classy (sheesh, i'm starting to sound like a snob!)... anyway, i really like this shot... the way she has her arms and legs - quite expressive.... very striking nose too... no i'm not joking... does she do portraits as well? :-)

Melanie Kintz
Aesthetics 8, Originality 7 I would not know a reason for giving a 1/1 for this picture. As for a female nude picture I find this very aesthetic.

Andrew Tham
good aesthetics The background poster of the human musculature is a nice balance to that of the model. Flexing of the left ankle (instead of pointing her foot straight out) conveys a very sensual feeling of the human body. Nice low-key tones and lighting.

Jay Dixon
Go get an account on and post this. It's free. Do it now. Lets not be French about this.

Guillermo Mario Martinez Caballero
Nicely Nice pose Peri. Go a head with your magnific job.

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