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Published: Sunday 7th of October 2007 04:15:39 PM


John Peri
Sure Frank, excellent crop, thank you, but it bears no relation to this picture, why not the eyes alone then also ? I have a multitude of portraits of this model already. She is outstanding all around ...

Christian S. Mendes
6/6 Nice expression and light. Very good work!

Arthur Baas
A simple but very beautiful photo. I also like the title very much.

John Peri
It's a Nikon zoom lens: 18 - 70 mm. Window light, but I'm not sure of the aperture ..

Mark J
very nice Light, crop, color, pose...all just beautiful. It seems to me to be a tad bit blury though, especially the face. Then again, it could just be my monitor or something. As always, love your work!

Janusz Taras
Mona Lisa glance Excellent work John.Very nice model glance.7/7.Regards.Janusz.

Louis Young
Beautifully done! I like the pose, her expression and the cropping. A very beautiful nude portrait done with excellent taste. Good one!

Frank Fruerter
Just a suggestion Crop this image, desaturate it, and submit it as a portrait. It will stand on it's own, even without the beautiful breasts.

David McCracken
Frankly speaking! So Frank's crop bears no relevance to the picture.... Actually most pictures (yours, mine and probably Frank's) are irrelevant in their entirety. Frank's crop is no less relevant than the full image. However that is only my opinion. Frankly speaking if the crop bears no relevance, it is quite clear what does. I will spare you my alternative crop. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to work out what it would be! A lovely snap of a beautiful girl!

John Peri
Yep .. a lot of irrelevance around ... :-)

A.K. Sircar
Excellent cropping,colours,exposure and light,John. Her skin tone is glowing.

Xiaoping Xiong
7/7 I best like it in your nude portrait pofolios. Perfect body and perfect picture. Congratulation, JOhn Peri.

Yiannis Oikonomidis
Hi John Nice to see you posting those great shots again. However I have to say that, in my opinion, the crop shouldn't be so tight on the top of the frame 'cause it cuts off her head. Also some space at the right side of the frame would let the subject "breathe". Certainly it adds some mystery to it but then again you know better what you want to show us and how to do it. Your work and technique is excellent as always .

Steve Bingham
I love the composition. Very dynamic. I certainly do not like the suggested crop submitted. Static and boring. There is something very unsettling about this photograph that sets it apart. Standard thirds cropping would simply ruin it. Good eye!

Alberto Quintal
Beautiful, John. Alberto

Ian Verve
Wonderful no need for the crop the whole picture wonderful, please display more of your amazing creative work with this muse Ian

Harvey King
excellent work loose crop actually show the fact that she is at ease.

Jim Phelps
John, The title works well with the foto. She seems to be contemplating the photographer.

Rakesh Syal
A piece of art!! Love the composition and light, John!! Best regards my friend!!

Dick Morgan
mystery You've got something working in this picture that I can't identify. That's what makes it GOOD! best, Dick

Alon Eshel
I wouldn't make it b&w , The colors make the photo so gentle and calm . It's really beautiful john , She is amazing

Marty Brodell
Beautiful! John, I've been an admirer of your work for a couple of years now and I even occasionally post a comment. So, it's been a while and I thought I'd put my "two cents" in on this one. I love it for two reasons. First, the pastel-like colors are just perfect.Second, you always have a way with your models' eyes. You seem to capture that perfect moment of body language and "the look" that makes the model's pose say something to the camera. I admire that a lot. I guess that's what art is! Anyway, well done my friend and best regards!-Marty

Scott Lynn
Crop??? Why suggest the crop in the first place? When I see this image MY eye's go directly to her eyes, as they should, then admire the rest of the image as a whole. Just my opinion.... Great Shot John!!

Alec Ee
She's lovely and you caught her perfectly.

John Peri
Precisely Scott, thank you. I submitted this as a "nude portrait", but that is exactly where the eye should fall, hence the cropping too .. Glad so many people appreciated this, thank you very much. Kudos to the exceptional model, the few hours with whom I spent together have translated into a wealth of wonderful material. Indeed, Nostalgia is well named ...

Edwin Mendoza
Great lighing, composition and focus. What lens and aperture did you use?

anthony boudreau
beautiful shot of this model, I have seen quite a bit of her in your port and each shot never stops amazing me

John Peri
Thank you Steve. Indeed it's nice from time to time to wander away from the supposed rules ... :-) ... I have often toyed with this notion, to some people's fury. But seriously, who wrote the rules?

John Peri
Thank you Michael.

Michael S. Maddox
I also like the composition of this photo as-is. But moreover, I love the simplicity, understatement, gentle tonality and cool hues of it. There looks to be a slight amount of motion blur to the image... but I can't make myself decide if this detracts from the image, or adds to its appeal. One way or the other, the result is a lovely photograph that you and the model can both be proud of. -Michael

Kombizz Kashani
simply beautiful

Balthazar Lefebvre Maisch
merci encore cher John pour ce magnifique regard sur les femmes que vous nous faites; avec un plaisir toujours croissant, partager. regards from paris, montmartre city balthazar m

Stephen Solomon
Gentleness This image is one of my very favorites of your whole portfolio. I have viewed it many times and have tried not to let the comments of others influence my own impressions of it. Until now, I have hesitated to comment. I finally have decided that with regard to the portrait's mood - the model's quiet expression, the soft lighting, the soft focus, the intimate framing and the muted, pale colors - this image defines the word "gentleness". That's it! It speaks a thousand words which are summed up in that one word, for me. Every aspect of the image portrays that quality of inner beauty which is sometimes hidden beneath the physical appearance. How fortunate for you to have the opportunity to have worked with her. I love it for all that it conveys. Great shot!

John Peri
Thank you Steve, you describe her so well. I'm flattered when you imply that I brought some of these qualities to life. The window light was perfect, so was she. A wonderful model, even more so a wonderful person.

Todd Kowalski

Excellent composition. This, I think, is one of your best.

You have a talent for bringing out the many qualities of your models, be it playfulness to gentle quietness. You are a Master of this type of imagery.

I feel quite priviledged to have the opportunity to see your works John.

Kind Regards, Todd

Su dawen

so sexy so beauty,you give her new life.

John Peri
Nostalgia ... ... for times past .. and yet to come ...

Stephen Solomon
One of my favorites. Your use of the rule-of-thirds works well here. You shook the camera slightly. Never-the-less, a wonderful capture of her.

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