JP N10

by Peri John

jp n photography portrait glamour nude johnperi artisti peri john

Gallery: Nude Figure Studies

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Published: Friday 22nd of March 2002 10:40:29 AM


Jay Dixon
Surprised Not always a fan of ps'd images, but this is surprisingly sexy. Cries out to be animated.

Sandy Ramirez
Excellent abstraction.

Jerry Matchett
Nearly one of your best, John. The only criticism I would offer is that the horizontal band of white coming off the thigh is distracting to the eye and hurts the composition. Were this my image, I think I would alter it to decrease the importance of that vision grabbing element.

Gianni Cazzulo
An astounding image.

Ricard Bergström
Like it a lot is very appealing.

A. Smythe
Tagged Yes, this photo has what it takes to captivate my eye, attention and my imagination. I partially agree with the suggestion to remove the white horizontal line, tho that line definitely adds reality to this abstract, as well as giving modest depth to the image. Would like it to stay as-is.

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