by Peri John

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Published: Saturday 6th of October 2007 02:18:34 PM


John Peri
Thank you Mark. She is a very expressive and graceful young lady ..

Alberto Quintal
Fantastic serie, John. Alberto

Tammy V.
these flow so well. gorgeous work by you both.

Michael Meneklis
Very nice model and exposure.

Sorin Vidis
Now that's a gem...but then again the background could be more helpful....plain white(the wall) or a mix of greys....much less reveling and straight forward but more subtle in its statement.... Best regards Drop by....

Mark Boyer
I love the way you put these shots together. And if you don't mind me making an extreme statement, I think these are the best shots you've put up for a long time (which is not meant to denigrate the fine work that preceded them); these are incredibly powerful, sensual, and emotional.

Janis OKelley
I Agree John, beautiful work, both yours and hers. J

Philippe Garcia
Just gorgeous... nice shot John.

John Peri
Stephie in triple .. .. a unique model, actress, photographer and friend ....

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