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Published: Thursday 1st of January 1970 12:00:00 AM


John Peri
I use 100 ASA film precisely because the grain is so fine. I don't usually enlarge the pictures more than 8x10, but I guess you can go one stage further. The ones that I frame for people are 8x10 size surrounded by an innner white frame, then thin black surrounding. Works quite well on the wall liike that, particularly if there are several of them together. Best wishes, John

Guillermo Mario Martinez Caballero
Original work Quizá un angulo diferente pueda darle más fuerza a la modelo y así poder jugar con otro tipo de contraluz y claroscuros. Mario Martínez Caballero Fotógrafo/MÉxico

John Peri
Can anyone translate this?

John Peri
It's a hat! Unfortunately, it doesn't show up here.

rob mccool
Aesthetics 4, Originality 6 odd cutoff on the head and knees- too much space on top and not enough on the bottom. good idea with the hand on the frame.

John Peri
I agree with the comments above. At one point, I'm going to have to either recrop the picture, or somehow bring out the hat. I'll try and find the original. Or maybe I'll just add a second version and you may then agree that it balances out on the original. As for the body parts Mat, I answered that point on the first picture.

Mack Damon
Aesthetics 4, Originality 3 The hat? I'm not terribly fond of this picture or the one with gloves in your folder. It seems like her body parts are cut off. Other images seem more "glamourous" Good framing effect, but the rest is lost on me.

j Muzzey
Aesthetics 9, Originality 9 John, your work in this (and your other) folders is fabulous...really inspiring. i'm new to this site but i've spent well over an hour looking at each shot you have submitted and couldn't find one that didn't grab me for some reason. Yes, i gravitate towards some more than others (but that is neither here nor there). I do have a small question though that hopefully you can answer for me...i notice you primarily use 100 ISO and do work through PS to get your "look", what i'm wanting to know is after you complete a project how large do you or are you able to enlarge the print without it falling apart (grain wise). The reason i'm asking is i could see your pictures hanging on a wall somewhere (my house would be nice:)) but it would be a shame if you could only blow up to say 8X10 and not something larger like 16X20 or whatever that would be "in your face" size. anyway, thank you John for these beautiful pictures, looking at your work is a fuel for me and mine and I will be looking for more work from you soon.j and odd cut off of the face?!?!? that is what grabbed me first and to me that is what makes this picture one of my favorites. that "mysterious hat" which you can't see made this picture. jmuzzeyj@hotmail.com

jl garcia
Translation "Quizá un angulo diferente pueda darle más fuerza a la modelo y así poder jugar con otro tipo de contraluz y claroscuros." --- Maybe a different angle could give strenght to the model and that way play with another kind of back lightning and chiaroscuro ---- --- Served :) ----

Hilary Allen
too funny! i have never seen this pic, i promise! It's funny about the comment you left to me about showing more of the rear, but it looks to me we shot the same!

John Peri
Yes, of course Hilary, but this is a study on profiles. Look at this one below which I think is still closer to what you did ... http://www.photo.net/photodb/photo?photo_id=2465351 ... in my opinion, it should be one or the other. If you have just a glimpse of the line of the buttocks, then you feel like seeing more of the view from behind .... PS. I have just written to you on hotmail.

JohnV the Photographer
Excellent image John. More than just a naked woman, it's like there's a story attached. I like a pic that makes you think. Excellent exposure, tones pose, and of course model, bravo.

Annie Ferderer
excellent... I think this is amazing annie

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