Published by Raven Press in a book on Digital Art

by Peri John

published by raven press in a book on digital art glamour portrait photography nudes artistic johnpe peri john

Gallery: Strange fantasies

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Published: Friday 22nd of March 2002 12:21:29 AM


Andrzej Maciejewski
Very original, nice colors, beautiful model.

Jim Mauer
Why so low rating? Love the work, You've show the classic nude lines, with a great digital interpertation.

Ken Thalheimer
I would tend to agree with the classic lines updated digitally. Nicely done also. I just don't understand some of the low ratings. It's one of the banes of these photo sites

Jerry Matchett
Great Work! Perfect 10! Just as there were those who could not accept tin types after Dageurrotypes, there are those who cannot accept digital art based upon photography. Ignore them and continue your work. One slight problem with this image is the little red specks on the right hand side. Had it been mine I would have cloned them out.

John Peri
Thanks Jerry. That would be very simple to do. John

Brian P. McGuinness
Beautiful work, you should take up the brush as well as the lens!

John Peri
I posted this a second time because the picture was disabled at one point.

Raymond Elstad
Hello John, Thank you for the kind and thoughtful words about my image. I think I'm able to attach an image here... I used the same image and overlaid a shot of part of my studio as an illustration of my obsessions, photography and photographing the nude. I shot both images with the Bronica C on Plus-X and that'a a Bronica S2a in the photo. May you also enjoy the rest of the summer. In your image here I both love the pose and the color you've chosen. Cheers, Raymond

Sheryl W (Blue Mt.)
my fav of your "fantasy" images... dance, modeling and photography are 3 of my favorite arts.... the colors give it a 60's mod look... very appealing

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