They promised to come back...

by Cesnakevicius Ceslovas

they promised to come back seeking critique cesnakevicius ceslovas

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Published: Thursday 4th of October 2007 06:24:59 PM


Patrick Desmet
Very good work Ceslovas !

Ceslovas Cesnakevicius
Thank you Patrick!

Gorm Rudschinat
the ide are youst crasy, I love the way you expres it

Jean Halter Clink

So expressive - the poor man - the sky is losing its color, even the grass is losing life, and yet the colors are beautiful.  So, there is beauty in hopelessness?  Hmm.  I wouldn't think so if it was happening to me.  But here, we get to observe this man's plight.  His figure is a little cartoony, so it's hard to relate to him enough to feel too bad for him - this preserves us.

Owen O'Meara

This is a creative idea beautifully executed. Not much more I can say.



Ceslovas Cesnakevicius
They promised to come back... Thank you for watching

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