JP b6

by Peri John

jp b johnperi artistic nudes abstract portrait glamour peri john

Gallery: Strange fantasies

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Published: Thursday 21st of March 2002 11:11:14 PM


victor bentzvi
i love this work very much from this presentation. others i dont like (its my opinion. theres too much meaningless decoration in them). why do i like this one... i think that u take this image to high stage of critical arts (see barbara krugers works). im not sure that u intended to do it since it is in presentation of decorative nude, but i dont care since this image is really good.the broken lines on the so called decorative image works here great. the faming of central part with empty space inside works great. very good one.

Leica Virgin
Yes John, I see what you mean! This work is interesting, I like the arrangements of the 'pieces' but I don't really like the red colour all that much (I presume that these represent a 'background', like a background layer in PS - am I right?

John Peri
Hy Leica, not really, I painted the red into the picture

Roman F. Hümbs
The work are not perfect, but your idea ist design...from nude. br, roman

Naftali Raz
cubisme, est-il mort? apprently not. a nice revival.

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