Golden Aspen

by Aepelbacher Lou Ann

golden aspen seeking critique aepelbacher lou ann

Gallery: Colorado

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Category: Landscape

Published: Thursday 4th of October 2007 02:13:13 AM


S Spencer
I always liked this angle. One of my instructors used to tell me I did a lot of cliche stuff. Oh, well, things get to be cliche because they are well-liked. I sometimes try to do my version of shots that have been done-to-death, simply for my own enjoyment, and to learn how to do it. Nothing wrong with that. The sky is a really nice deep blue in this shot.


P.S.- Check out the new blog I'm starting at Images of Pennsylvania. If you have any shots you took in PA which you would like to post, send me an email for guidelines and an invite.

Lou Ann Aepelbacher
Not very original, I know. :-) But everyone who loves aspen trees needs this shot. Can you see the itty-bitty moon? Any thoughts?

Lauren McCallum
... That blue is amazing :)

Lou Ann Aepelbacher
Golden Aspen Any comments or ratings are appreciated! :-)

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