Body # 65

by Amelkovich Igor

body nude seeking critique amelkovich igor

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Category: Nude and Erotic

Published: Wednesday 3rd of October 2007 01:46:04 PM


Igor Amelkovich
APX 100 My small warehouses... :)))

Alecu Grigore
And developer? Rodinal? :p

Steve Ward
sw Exactly as one would imagine, only you took this from a real model

Igor Amelkovich
YES, Rodinal.

Dan Adler
Perfect angle and lighting.

Steffen Drache
Very fine. As usual... ;-)

Joke Weier
Love it. Very beautiful. With regards.

Karel VojkovskĆ½
nice .)

David McCracken
Inspirational As someone who is going to start photographing bottoms more often. I have to say this is inspirational.

Alecu Grigore
where did you find APX ?!? :p

Alessandro Gagliardini
Interesting light source and color gradient.

Robert Jurjevic
Skin what I like is the texture of the skin and the form, maybe a blur in lower left part of the picture does not fit into the perfection of the rest, maybe parts of the photo are too dark, but then I understand this may have be done intentionally. Well done.

Francisco Cortes
Beautiful A very beautiful image. Simply perfect.

David Noble

I honestly think this is the best bum shot I've seen... anywhere.

Igor Amelkovich
Body # 65 NEW BODY...

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