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Published: Tuesday 2nd of October 2007 07:29:42 PM


Ken Thalheimer
There is an air of decadence. But, as always, the model is very relaxed which is a major plus. It also has a slight tilt which works to advantage

David Branch
John, The collar is of course a central element of the photograph. Hopefully you will submit a series which may place the collar in proper perspective. By proper, I mean from the model's viewpoint and its meaning,(use) rather than what the viewer may think. I do not mean to say that the only proper perspective is from that of the model, but I do find it a good starting point. Personaly, I view your photographs as a puzzle. While each piece may be interesting, "solving" the overall puzzle, consisting of many pieces, is much more rewarding. Your comments often give us the clue to solving the puzzle, are much appreciated and add enjoyment to seeing your work.

A.K. Sircar
Dear John, I also feel this is an excellent portrait.Cropping,exposure,light and skin tone are superb.Colour-contrast and her stance are beautiful.

Jim Phelps
John, The facial expression and the cigarette work well with the background in this foto, everything leads to her face and eyes; Which (as Glenwood points out so well above) convey a great deal of emotion to the viewer. Your camera work, her posing, and the make up really complement each other here. Kudos to all three of you.

Glenwood Sherry
One of your best... John, One of your best color portraits, and it even challanges some of your B&Ws. (Which, by the way, are among the very best that I've seen). Stephi is, as always, a true wonder to behold: The distant introspection of her gaze drifts through pools of diappointment and disillusionment, yet her right hand, holding the cigarette as a weapon, keeps the viewer at bay. The memories within are not to be shared. She is a woman alone among others; a woman shared but not possessed. She is the image within all, that few artists will ever capture. Hers is the image I would strive to approach, but doubt I ever will. Kudos to the remarkable team of Stephie, Rebecca and John. And a 7/7 from me. With deepest admiration for you three. Glenwood

Peter Meade
I love the air of decadence about this shot John. Very fine work. Peter

John Peri
A.K Sincair, thank you very much, glad you liked it. David B., I am rather intrigued by your statement regarding solving of the puzzle. Whereas I do agree that a photo should raise questions and evoke curiosity, do you really believe that all the answers should be given? And though I often give clues as to how I perceive a shot, should not a large part be left to the interpretation of the viewer? Finally, I wonder when all the answers are there, if the image does not then become a bore ... a very interesting topic that you raised in my view .. thank you.

Alon Eshel
Full of thoughts , Somewhat sad expression . Very well composed

John Peri
Portrait of a friend .. Model / Stephie ... stylism / Rebecca Rines

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