by Peri John

untitled nude seeking critique peri john

Gallery: Glamour Photography 1

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Published: Sunday 30th of September 2007 08:17:02 PM


Joe Gallagher
eye of the beholder... I much prefer the color shot. The colors are striking, contrasting, complementary, and for me, very beasutiful. The open door, the model and her pose, your skill and imagination, all come together so very well to make an appealing picture, AGAIN! Thanks.

John Peri
I also removed part of a window frame .. in both.

Janusz Taras
Excellent composition idea John.7/7.Regards.Janusz.

Nathan David
I looked through your gallery and you have a lot of really nice work. I don't think this is one of your best though. The composition just feels really awkward with the model practically dead center. I think it would be a lot stronger if it was a vertical shot or if you had gotten in a lot closer on the subject to make the horizontal framing work with the placement of her arms. I find the strong pink/red also clashes a bit with the very cool colour balance of everything else.

John Peri
Interesting comment, thank you very much. Sometimes, one posts a picture for personal reasons of identification .. indeed, there are all kinds of things that I would criticize technically ... but overall, the photo speaks to me though I more than acknowledge that it may say nothing to anyone else .. thanks again.

Ken Thalheimer
I love the relaxed pose & magenta garb. Something about this one that misses it for me John. She seems a bit too centered for a horizontal & it seems the magenta carries into her skin tones

David Bradley
You have a way with people...and thus your pictures end up oh so wonderful...Dave

Steve Bruno
Both the color and black and white versions are exceptional; however I probably prefer the color photograph. The saturated colors are vaguely reminiscent of a Paul Outerbridge carbro print.

Brad Kim
I prefer color version, John.... The subject's slightly pinkish skin tone is gorgeous! Dark blue background of the interior makes nice contrast....

Alberto Quintal
Excellent work, John, I like it a lot. Alberto

Costas Ellos
I always liked architectural details in photos. Your photographic architecture is still the best. I prefer the colour version, with or without shadows, but surely WITH the little green presence on the right and left. Excellent !!!

John Peri
.. and who knows, someone may prefer it in black and white /./. or dislike both versions, and why not ..

Thomas Collins
... and not to mention that the model is just jaw-dropping gorgeous. :-) I would have to give a 7/7 to her alone! :-) Actually as one takes in the plants on either side of the doorway the full image composition takes on a rhyme and reason. Well done John - and model too.

David McCracken
Interesting point... Interesting how the shadow of her left arm is evident in the B&W version but not the colour version.

Alon Eshel
Another amazing photo by you . The composition is marvelous and I love the resembles colors of flowers and the cloth

Don Hulley
Don Hulley I have really enjoyed looking through your superb work and I really like this image. Only comment is that I found the 'clutter' behind the model distracts from the overall beauty of the image.

John Peri
Thank you Don. It is my obsession with leaving whenever possible some items that will render the image more natural. I guess sometimes it works, others not. Many thanks for passing by ...

John Peri
Mid afternoon .. ..

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