by Peri John

untitled nude seeking critique peri john

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Category: Nude and Erotic

Published: Saturday 29th of September 2007 04:50:29 PM


John Peri
NB: the above remark is to create "a story line" for the photo only ....

Alberto Quintal
Beautiful,John,I love the angle and pose. Regards. Alberto

Louis Young
Great B&W picture. Excellent composition and contrast. Love the angle of the shot and the model pose.

pepe alias boulette
what a morning!

Beepy .
Hey John. Still watching your work. It always appears fresh, and straight. And - damn, my clutter never looks as artistic as yours!

John Peri
"No, not coffee, tea please ...." .. "and thus it was to be every morning" .... (see below):

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