A Beak and a Bump

by Downs Jim

a beak and bump seeking critique downs jim

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Published: Saturday 29th of September 2007 06:49:30 AM


Joseph Popper

Maria F.
Impressive close-up. Lots of character here & sharpness!

Lex Jenkins

Here's one cool thing about the way the ratings game: As a result of your observations about the recent changes to the ratings system, I saw this photo at the bottom of the discussion thread page.  It gave me a chuckle because I'd just watched an old episode of Yes Minister on PBS this weekend.  Reminded me of those beak-nose caricatures of Paul Eddington and Nigel Hawthorne that accompanied the credits on that TV series.


Regardless of any changes in average ratings or total number of ratings received, the ratings game has helped me see more photos I might never have noticed otherwise because they're drawn from a pool of photos that have been submitted for ratings and displayed on discussion forum threads.


Hmm... I think I just wrote "Great capture!" but used way too many words to do so.

Jim Downs
A Beak and a Bump :)

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