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Gallery: Strange fantasies

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Published: Wednesday 20th of March 2002 06:40:25 PM


Richard Kee
Artistic It's not photography, it is art !

John Peri
Thank you very much. However, I would be interested to know who else is doing something similar to this? It would be interesting to compare the work. John

Oliver Indra
In its best photography equal art! Well the idea is not so new, but you did it quite nice. Good alteration!

Anders Fredrickson
Andy Warhol

Anders Fredrickson
don't get me wrong, I like the way it looks. Almost like Mexican cloth art (can't remember what they are called...but the aztec looking things). very cool

Robert Tilden
Art? Photography? Great! This should have satisfied your customer and the woman too.

John Peri
Hy Robert. Thanks for the comment. I don't quite get it though, what customer? I'm an amateur and this is just done for fun. However, yes, it's true, the model has put this on the wall in her bedroom.

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