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Gallery: 6. Nude & Scantily Clad Girls

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Category: Nude and Erotic

Published: Tuesday 25th of September 2007 01:06:23 AM


David McCracken
Bruce / BP Bruce, Which label?

BP, Just a bit of fun really! Thanks a lot!

Bodyline Photos
As always another individual shot from DM.

Sacha De Carlo
the label underneath the photo, since it's pretty obvious from the jewelry :)

Kelvin Bernard
Maybe... On second thought, maybe she was just upset that you did not ask her first!!!!!

Kelvin Bernard
David... Indeed, I thought this was sexy. My model however - - was not amused (:-))!!!!!!!!!!! Brilliant, my friend. Regards.

David McCracken
Kelvin Thanks for stopping by. I actually commented on your image before seeing your comment here. I guess this means you model would not be willing to pose for me... SIGH... she's lovely!

Alexander Titov

David McCracken
Still Life Study
Just something that happened.

Feedback appreciated.

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