by Peri John

untitled nude seeking critique peri john

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Category: Fashion

Published: Sunday 23rd of September 2007 05:03:38 PM


Alon Eshel
Ha , This one is so sexy , Excellent posing

Sorin Vidis
JOhn....that is so sensual and ecstatic.... Best regards

V Hadady
Your portfolio is masterful.

Steve Bingham
Friends are good to have! Pretty hot photo. I love your innovative slant to your nudes. This one is very erotic without being blatant!

Peter Meade
A classic pose. Delightful. P

Alberto Quintal
John WOW!!!!! Excellent,7/7. Alberto

Thomas Collins
This is very sexy with great attitude. I like both versions, cropped and uncropped. Thanks for sharing John!

Tanya Truong
Stunningly beautiful... with her coolest attitude in either pose. This reminds me of the poses of my model in Cherry Blossom folder. Wow! We share the same thinking about sensuality, John ;o).

Tanya Truong
VERY, VERY HOT... in her coolest way:o). What a gorgeous model. Congrad to both of you, John and Stephie. Warmly, Tanya.

Clemson Guy
Thanks This is the classic John Perri caught the model acting normal. Just a wonderful image. Thanks for sharing.

John Peri
My friend Stephie A tight crop to draw attention to the face ..

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