by Peri John

untitled nude seeking critique peri john

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Published: Saturday 22nd of September 2007 11:25:08 PM


Jim Phelps
John, This works well in B&W. Your foto above (the out take) is priceless.

John Peri
Thank you so much for this interesting comment Glenwood ... indeed, she is in control .. if only though she could take me more seriously for more than a few minutes at a time ... :-)

Sorin Vidis
Excellent model and style....indeed she stands out in beauty and approach... best regards

Anca Cernoschi
both are great :D

Sweid Sideris
A perfect representation of the classical -and unmistakable- "Peri Style". Precious.

Leanna Weber
Beautiful as always John. Love the dark background and the smoke. And of coarse beautiful model. Leanna:O)

Alberto Quintal
Hi! I love the both photos, John, perfect B&W and super sexy model. Alberto

Glenwood Sherry
One of your best... John, Certainly one of your best, IMHO. The confluence of artist and muse works seamlessly here; your skill, and her attitude, create a powerful image of a woman in control: Cocky, confident, and daring the world to take her on. The canted hips streching up to the upturned arm; the carelessly exposed left breast; the Brando-est exhaling of smoke, all state quite clearly who is in charge. She allows you into the scene that she has dominated, while she tolerates the intrusion as a favor to you. Attitude is, indeed, everything. And everything is her. That, plus brilliant composing and lighting (love the smoke from her cigarette rising up against the black void), make this a 7/6 from me. Very, very good, my friend. Glenwood

John Peri
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