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Published: Wednesday 19th of September 2007 03:40:05 PM


Jan Piller
I agree! It's beautiful - but I'm a stickler for straight horizons! hahaha! Very nice portrait - a keeper for sure!

Joseph Calvo
This is a very nice picture. I like how the models are slightly off center. I like how the dress matches the hue of the rocks, it presents a similarity that circulates your eye around the piece. the expressions on their face are great. The only thing I can think of to improve this piece is to remove the watch and alter the pose slightly. It is not a great hindrance (a small one), but I think it would look more natural without it. The actual pose is fine I just think the leg that he is holding up should be in front of the pant leg so it doesn't look like it comes to a point like that. Joseph

John Serafin
It's an 'engaging' photo (excuse the pun). Nice use of soft natural light, its so flattering. You may want to consider straightening the horizon and then call it 'done'. Cheers, John.

Susan Flewelling
Untitled Engagement session, any thoughts I did like this one. Thanks, Susan

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