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Published: Tuesday 18th of September 2007 09:18:35 PM


Jim Phelps
John, This is a very dramatic look. It works very well in B&W.

Ken Thalheimer
Beautiful pose, tones & natural light John

Glenwood Sherry
Most striking.... John, A most stiking, and revealing, portrait of Stephie. First, the obvious: Stephie is indeed one of the most striking of models, with deep, intelligent eyes; full, sometimes inviting, sometimes reproachful, lips; and bone structure that seems to have been sculpted to capture light and shadow. Second, also obvious, but not so apparent: She exists within the realm of your creative efforts because she chooses to be, that she is your partner and corroborator, and that this image is because she chooses that it be. Some of your very best work is when you capture this interplay between artist and muse, when the image seems no more than a snapshot, freezing the moment with studied spontaneity. For me the aspect of this shot that closes the deal is not the position of the left arm, but the unstudied indifference, the completely natural angle that she is holding the glass. It is, because that is the way it is. A wonderful exploration of a very complex relationship, and you are indeed a very fortunate artist. With respect, Glenwood

John Peri
I am touched and impressed by your insight. Both you and Carlos are remarkable people. Thank you for enlightening my day. I particularly liked the remark that it is so because the model chooses it to be so .... you can only accept what is offered.This is a rich and complex personality and her images portray what she wants to show. Added later: the model asked me to thank you all for the comments.

Alon Eshel
Beautiful portrait with excellent b&w colors , Great light work

John Peri
A most excellent and insightful observation Carlo, both with regards to personality and attire. I am astonished at times how both you and Glenwood manage to read so much in an image. It denotes not only a capacity to observe but also to relate to other human beings and identify with their emotions. Indeed, these are not her clothes, again a striking obervation. This is a moment of respite in a shot done for the manufacturer of the dress ... like every model, Stephie is an actress and plays a role .. here above though, she is herself ..

Michael Meneklis
Very good expression and grey tones.

Alberto Quintal
Beautiful, great pose, John. Alberto

Sorin Vidis
The look...the wine....the inviting hand.....a prelude of a story .... Regards Drop by...

Sweid Sideris
The expression of her face make me forget the rest of the details of the image, but I have a large confidence on your skills John, then I suppose the rest are OK. Such a strong and captivating personality! The language of her left hand is telling something about a deep self confidence, she know she's solid, and she move as if she don't care. Devastating effects on the image (and on us, simple mortals, of course). A wide forehead denouncing a sharpened intelligence, this gaze captured with mastery and the silent promises of her lips, well my friend, I have enough for my tale writtings. Curious, don't ask me why but I know that you're thinking the same -perhaps with more real information than me- and here are your merits: my description is only possible because you are giving me the sense with your composition. Great job you done John. I have only one minor critique -a personal taste indeed- this singular lady reflected in your amazing portrait is wearing a plastic jacket, and in my humble opinion it isn't matching with the suggestive -sophisticated- atmosphere created by you and she in this particular case.

John Peri
A portrait .. ..of my friend Stephie

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