Naked with a subject # 10

by Amelkovich Igor

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Gallery: NUDE & EROTIC

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Category: Nude and Erotic

Published: Tuesday 18th of September 2007 11:33:42 AM


Radoslaw Pujan
I do love your photos.... almost every one you put here is astonishing.... Keep doing.

Vladimir Funtak

Brane Sofronijoski

Christian Schlosser
Fine Wonderful tonal value, highly aesthetics and a glamorous model Congratulation

Brad Kim
Excellent work, Igor! The quality of light and image tones are superb...!

Aivars B.
7/7 !!!!!!!!!!!! kak vsegda - prekrasno, Igor !!! vostorg !!

Robert Jurjevic
I like it I like the framing, cut-off head and the instrument she is holding (what is it?) hide just as much as they should, her hair and reflections on the skin add to the erotic air. Diagonally positioned body looks to be a classic tool in aesthetics (is this a position of the subject or such framing or combination of both?).

Igor Amelkovich
Naked with a subject # 10 New from my studio. My site:

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