Unknown Lady

by Triguez Luis

unknown lady street little girl sweet triguez luis

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Published: Monday 17th of September 2007 06:09:18 PM


Geertje Pors
Just thinking... What a wonderful thing photography actually is..Freezing a moment in time. Being able to look at it many many times in a row, seeing what nobody else saw that particular moment..nobody else but you and your cam. I noticed you took this picture in '91. I take it she does not even know this frozen moment in her time exists? I know one thing tho... IF she is still alive she must be out there breaking many many hearts.. she is drop dead gorgeous! In Holland we say "om op te vreten". Don't even try to pronounce, sounds horrible I know..( grinn) But it's a compliment, to the both of you. Thanks, for capturing and sharing, you sure made me smile real big!

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