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Gallery: Strange fantasies

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Published: Monday 18th of March 2002 09:35:50 PM


excelent composition!!

Robert Tilden
PS Bodypainting Next best thing to real paint.

Ken Krueger
Warhol like. Very nice

M. Gartner
It's like a painting.Very nice. www.gartner.centerall.com

Daniel Merk
not sure agreed, this looks like a what not to use Photoshop for. Besides, your craft in Photoshop is poor.

Marshall Goff
I actually think this would make a stronger, more unified whole if all four figures showed the post-processing. As it is, the "real" figure looks like a cutout, and to my eye distracts from the feel of the work. Enjoy.

Carlo Ottaviano Casana
I like it. Those colors are just wonderful!!! I also like the grainy effect and that neo Wahrol look. I don't think this is the right pohto where to judge somebody's P.S. skills. Its so obviously something else from a normal photo!!!

Alec Ee
Marquis De Sade He must be a miserable person with nothing better to do John. I am a victim too. http://www.photo.net/photodb/photo?photo_id=5526519

Ann Marie Bloomberg
Hello John

This photo is one of my absolute favorites! Fantastic pop art/abstract series.

Very well done

Best Regards

Ann Marie

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