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Published: Sunday 16th of September 2007 10:57:01 AM


Jim Phelps
John, Excellent image! Both the use of the red color and the pose itself are excellent. The pose she has adopted is reminiscent of something by Dali or Picasso (I don't remember which). This gives the foto a surrealistic quality that I really like. Congratulations to both you and her! (Is she going to be in the States anytime soon?)

John Peri
Schizophrenia eh ... hum .... :-) ... good to laugh about these things Angie.

Angie Chiara
Schitzophrenic Pose How silly of me to have overlooked that! Of course, you're right. Thank you for your patience with this humble beginner. If the pose were different, you might have chosen to call it "Mentally Fit as a Fiddle" or something. I have a lot to learn still. ;-)

perry hart
John, you rock Perfect retort, John. I atually like this image precisely because it is anything but mundane. Another brilliant offering, thanks! perry

John Peri
Thank you all ... strangely (possibly) it was a theme developed by the model .. so I don't think that she will find offence ...

David McCracken
Truly excellent Yes John. It must be an expensive business changing the carpets to match the hair of the model but if you can do it... why not? Please keep degrading us with quality like this. This is truly excellent. (Perhaps a little sharper would be better.)

John Peri
Well Bob, I guess Glenwood is just saying that it's irrelevant !

Bob Malvin
<> Bahahahaha! I love you guys!

Timo Hartikainen
It's quite original stairway photo, original posing. Red hair and red carpet combination, it works for me. I also like the fact, that there is a minimal palette, mostly gray and red tones.

Bob Malvin
The image is not degrading at all. It has nothing to do with schizophrenia. Perhaps a poor choice in title, but there is something else going on considering the response. Perhaps, degrading to women, but who doesn't like a little role playing? Looks fun and she doesn't appear to mind. The image itself is wonderful, nice composition, the hair matches in the shadows and doesn't in other places. I do not like that right leg out to the side. Looks a bit unnatural, but it sure beats a macro flower shot. In appreciation of your work and thick skin ;^)

Raymond Elstad
Oh gawd John, here I sit laughing... Happy to see that you are stirring it up again... lol... Seems that you hit a nerve, either that chap is bipolar or his sister is........... perhaps he forgot to take his meds... but I digress... This is a marvelous image, I love the red of her hair and those rich red lips against that of the steps, the angle of view, the direct gaze of the model and the pose is just wonderful... She looks hungry and hungrily pursuing her quest... Quite erotic... Thanks for being you and doing what you do! Raymond

Michael Meneklis
Very well captured in a really strage pose. Colors and light are perfect and her expression also. PS. Well come back. I hope you enjoyed Summer vacations.

Alon Eshel
Welcome back :) Excellent composition . The way she crawls up the stairs , Her body gets the turned shape . her RED hair goes perfectly with the red carpet . Wonderful

Glenwood Sherry
Welcome back... John, If this is what happens when you go on vacation, please go away more often!;-) This is an amazing image, full of attitude, and shot with great skill. Love the pose, and how her body twists into the picture frame. Red hair. Red carpet. White marble. It doesn't get any better. And a 7/7 from me. Oh, about the title: You could call it "Ice Cream Sundae", or "Piggyback", or "What I did on my summer vacation", or "Whatever" and it would still be a great image. Glenwood

Thomas Collins
John, This is simply gorgeous and completely captivating. Your model is stunning and the angle is very intriguing. This is what I call giving your images the red carpet treatment!

Eric Rose
This is a degrading image to those unfortunate people who are affected by this hideous illness and a hideous distortion of the truth.

Oh Bek
My son has schizophrenia and believe me, this photo could be WAY more unbalanced! I have no problem at all with the title. What I love is the solidness and predictability of the stairs contrasting the fluid, spontaneousness of the model. (Am I making up words?) She could go up, down, or sideways on a whim! Really quite thought-provoking, somewhat due to the title. The more I think about it, changing the title could possibly completely change the way the eye looks at the photo. What about no title? Sorry, I am carried away.....help!! 7*7!!

Sweid Sideris
Welcome to Paris John. And... ooops! such an hermetic comment made by Eric! Believe me, I can understand the morality statements about female nudes, I can understand religious ones, even I can understand all those people becoming nervous in front of a nude woman in an inevitable way. But I can't understand the position of Eric, perhaps he can be more clear with his comment, who knows. Meanwhile I declare myself absolutely -hideously- ill with this provoking image. Such a fine detail, reddish... like the hell premises should be...

Glenwood Sherry
John, You got that right! With an amazing image like this, you could call it any Damn thing you want, and it wouldn't matter: It would still be an image that I would kill to shoot! Glenwood

Angie Chiara
Degrading My opinion lies somewhere between those of the first and fourth comments. I believe that when photographing red-headed schitzophrenics climbing stairs in the nude, it is degrading and offensive when the pose is unballanced. In the case of this particular patient, it might look better if her left leg were raised, rather than her right. In other words, I find that right leg highly, highly offensive. Other than that, it's a marvelous image.

Alyssa Skyes
I love this image, yet even more I love your first response. Perfect!

Michael Riley
John, Outstanding image and from your explanatory comments it is obvious that there is some personal meaning to the title. Regardless, the composition and lighting is wonderful. The pose is very unusual and seels very comfortable for this particular model. I also love the complimentary reds. Well done!

Alessandro Remotti
Comments 5/6 Ok, it's an original shot and actually I like it (I don't care about initial comments, but maybe someone could be hurt by title) and my not-so-high rate is only comparing it with other shots by Master John Peri (the most original nudes Photographer in Photo.net, in my beginner's opinion). Thanks for sharing your talent. A.Remotti, Turin, Italy

John Peri
Angie thanks, but if the picture was balanced, where would the schizophrenia be ... :-)

Yves Pichon
Excellent picture, wrong title Excellent picture but wrong title. Difficult to add anything to the discussion about the suitability of the representation of mental illness, I'll just add Van Gogh to the list. As far as this picture is concerned, The model is not ill, she is very pretty and the picture is excellent, not only for the match of colours hair-carpet but also for this unusual and suggestive pose. Congratulations John. Yves P. (http://imagesyves.net).

John Peri
Hmm ... maybe I should stick to photographing flowers! But I think that you are right. Art should never depict anything but the mundane.

Kurt Daghita
Curves I really like how you captured here curves. Excellent, but it seems to be a little empty on the left?

Jim Phelps
John, She is an excellent artist and I assume she suggested the title?

John Peri
Schizophrenia ..

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