by Peri John

untitled nude seeking critique peri john

Gallery: Glamour Photography 1

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Category: Fashion

Published: Saturday 15th of September 2007 11:32:13 AM


Sorin Vidis
The vivid red and the white contrasting textures of greek houses emphasises the models skin and expression.....it's good to have you back ! Best regards

Tore Nilsson
Nice model, good colours and composition. cheers Tore

Philippe Garcia
she is ......

Tanya Truong
Wow! I would feel so honored to be someone like "Stephie" who can inspired you that much John. Ye! Can't wait to see more photos of her. The image at your front page is quite playful. I love the spirit of the image, and a change to see...a little of John Peri ;o). Warmly, Tanya.

Massimo Santoni
glad to see your new works! Very sensual model and pose. nice exposure, clothing and colors. cheers!

John Peri
Heartwarming to come back to such a welcome, thank you .... I guess the more unhappy people will turn up too eventually ...

Tanya Truong
Her "provoking, challenging" attitude... still can not cover her sweetness. Her distant eyes seems to cover the most fascinating story about her life. It will take a man with confidence to approach her. Very nice photo, indeed. Warmly, Tanya.

Alberto Quintal
Hi! Hi, John, I like this shot, fantasic colors and contrast, sexy model. Alberto

Sweid Sideris
Agghhh!! Those eyes are stabbing me!! A strange mood, like if her attitude were influencing strongly the whole surrounding atmosphere, like an electric storm in the wet air, sorry about my english but I can't explain exactly what I feel in front of this image. At last, the red clothes against the typical greek white washed creates a striking contrast, clever framing of a lovely diagonal.

Joe Gallagher
Yeah, I can tell a fiscal jurist anywhere. Seriously, I like the photo a lot. I see self-confidence, intellect, sensuality, humor, and trust (in you), not necessarily in that order. Thanks, and stay friends.

Timo Hartikainen
Good stuff...good expression, if there's anything to critique, it's the messy upper right corner, but I would be quite dumb if I stared at that direction all the time.

John Peri
"Stephie" at sundown ... Fiscal jurist, artist, fashion model and above all a wonderful friend .. thanks for posing for me Stephie ...

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