This one framed on the wall truly looks like a painting.

by Peri John

this one framed on the wall truly looks like a pai johnperi artistic nudes photography portrait glamo peri john

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Published: Sunday 17th of March 2002 08:17:09 PM


Dimos Ch
I like the result, interesting!

Hany Musallam
Lovely painting!

Miguel Lasa
I agree , a masterpiece. I have been trying to get this results on my photos with photoshop 6 with no success. I would appreciate an email or advise on how it was done thanks

Hany Musallam
I even love it more! I realy like to come back to this one, I do'nt know what to say, but I would love to have it on my wall:))

Larry Petersen
How did you do that?????????????????

Tim Cull
Best Photoshop job I've seen This is fantastic. It looks like you resisted the temptation to mess with it in Photoshop 'just because you can' and instead concentrated on creating something beautiful. And the result is stunning. And it looks like you started with a great photograph originally, too.

Ri┬ęk Vincent
Classic Pose Yes, I can imagine that this one does look fantastic on the wall..This small image probably does not do it justice.

John Peri
She has it on her wall ... and no-one knows it's her!

Marc G.
Splendid. The most perfect one I've seen so far... Not 10, just because of the way the glass looks. It should be there, but its materiality is somehow a bit gone. Not very serious of course. Everything else is just stunning...

Jack Kalish
i agree, unfortunately the glass looks sort of like a paper cut-out. the rest of the picture is truly stunning though, i think it would be better without the glass.

John Peri
I placed the glass there to give the picture a focal point.

Jack Lo ... T-O
I think the glass makes the picture. Most of the image is about shape and line, the wine adds a bit of a "story"; that makes it much more interesting for me. The glass keeps the picture more in the realm of photography, as opposed to graphic art.

pepe alias boulette

Georgios Stratigentas
Great Astonishing result. Good job!!!

John Peri
Nice to have your opinion, many thanks, but as I said further up I placed the glass there on purpose - author's choice! As for tonal range, this is not a photograph, it is altered to emulate a painting. You may prefer the original:

Richard Brown
Mr Peri I like this also however, I would like to have seen a a bit more tonal range in the highlight area...her hip and upper thigh..shoulder just a bit maybe. Also, I don't need to see the glass of wine...Nice Pic though.

Daniel Hristescu

Fantastic picture , colors and harmonious manner that she  sits on the bed .



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